1 Gold vs 2 Upside Down Supersonic Legends (Impossible Challenge)


Today, @SquishyMuffinz and I challenge some low ranked players and we try to do the impossible. 2 turtling supersonic legends take on 1 bronze, 1 silver, and finally 1 gold in a match where we can only turtle on the hood of our car. Are the games possible for us to win? Watch the video to find out! Enjoy!
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0:00 - intro
1:13 - vs 1 bronze
5:59 - vs 1 silver
10:00 - vs 1 gold
// Watch the 7 bronze vs 1 grand champ match: issofts.info/video/v-deo/bX2emYiMqaO5lJw
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// Watch the 7 upside down grand champs vs a bronze match:
// Watch the 7 silvers vs 1 grand champ match:
// Watch the 3 diamonds vs 1 grand champ match:
// Watch the 1 bronze with spikes vs grand champ match:
// Watch the 5 platinum vs 1 grand champ match:
// Watch the 7 golds vs 1 supersonic legend match:
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    No that was not a super sonic legend move by the gold I can do that and I am gold one

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    "Braziled" I was offended Lol

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    13:00 as a Brazilian, that was mean

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    1v1 squishy while turtling

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    Bruh!! This dude is gold

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    How did that first goal go at 98kmh. He hit it so slowly

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    Stop hissing please thank you

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    Ye the first one aint no bronze

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    what is this 3:11

  • Heponen
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    More like 1gold vs 2 super Sonic legends Being creeper

  • Heponen
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    More like 1gold vs 2 super Sonic legends Being creeper

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    U have 2mil

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    that bronze was definitely gold or plat

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    Hey, i've just noticed bronzes are better than silvers

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    Hey cerk nice you got 2 "Score" for scoring in your own net hooray *maybe you should do yhat more often!"

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    ngl, that is the worst gold ihave ever seen

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    Legend has it, that gold was a young Kronovi in the making.

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  • Mystikclan 12fn
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  • Mystikclan 12fn
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  • The Best
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    Turtle broos

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    No way that dude is a gold lol he’s destroy me and I’m a plat

  • Max Henry
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    Me man you guys would’ve destroyed the gold if you were air dribbling Also me trying to start an air dribble off a turtle 😡🤬

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    watching musty upside down is like watching me (Silver 2)

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    Musty: How are these bots so good now? Also Musty: Makes content to make bots better.

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    Double Squishy save ATACK!

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    loved the "Oh, Hi Mark" reference

    RED XKANANX17 dögum síðan

    dude must really brag his friends by saying "i 1v2 musty and sqush and won"

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    Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-powered Battle cars

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    Can I 1v2 u when ur turtluling

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    I am a gold and my thing to freind is Ekam939

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    Hey musty I have a idea for a vid 2 supersonic legends vs a gold but the supersonic legends have powerslide binded to all forms of movement if u try this out it would be really funny

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    Which wheels you equiped

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    Ayo someone tame a cat because musty turned into creeper

  • zooman 312
    zooman 31223 dögum síðan

    I don't really see how people think that gold is diamond. they did like one or two air roll shots but the average diamond does air dribble bump plays as of the experience I've had.

  • FireFox Gamer
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    Moral: Bronzes are better than Silvers.

  • FireFox Gamer
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    I really wanna be in a vid but im a kid so I cant join your DISCORD

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    The amount of creepers in the video is more than Minecraft can generate

  • Ghxst_Sik0
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    Think bout this Those bronze r almost silver which means they r almost gold so that means they r basically plat so they r close to a diamond so technically musty beat 2 GC's while turtling

  • Luke Skywalker
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    That gold is a Maury theirs no way he’s dribbling and air rolling at gold???

  • Jayden Valdez
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    Lol “I feel like we’re cheating but we’re losing so it okay “

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    He ia definetly not gold plat or olmost diamon

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    “Bronze” lol. He was better than some gold players I know

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  • Spyro Mavromichalos
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    Can u stop calling the golds and making fun of them, everyone loves the game and are just trying to get as good as u guys

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  • Rocket league boi And fortnite boi
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    Resume of video: Musty Creeper

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