Daycare Stories

Kvikmyndir og teiknimyndir

I might have been a little devil at daycare. A collection of stories of how rotten I was to the daycare staff!

Megan Maher:
E Griswold:
Chloe Dungate:



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  • Naima Ali
    Naima Ali2 klukkustundum síðan

    thank you so much rabeca you really inspired me to continue drawing and pushing my dreams im only 10 and i love you im crying because I just gave up on drawing but you keep pushing me i love you soooooo much rabeca..........................naima

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    its funny when you ran to the box😂🤣

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  • Kaylee dungan
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    I am English and I love

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    omg first time seeing your vids I am addicted and I subbed you are soo talented it's actually scary

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    Our queen is back

  • Cookie Wolf
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    Wait a minute.. why kids from the older kids group has a beard.. hmm. I gues Becca's sister was like 24??

  • Gacha Kiwiii :D
    Gacha Kiwiii :D6 klukkustundum síðan

    The only thing I remember I did in kindergarten is not always listening to the teacher. The teacher said ‘okay everyone clap like this!’ And I fake clapped, bc my kid mind told me it was stupid. I was born a rebel.

  • Yeet Brawlers
    Yeet Brawlers6 klukkustundum síðan

    easter egg green ampibia the owl house and gravity falls

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    0-0 welp

  • Lizzie bean :3
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    I just realized I did all these things when I was little

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    Do u have a mouth in real life

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    6:02 there’s Anne, Luz, Tilly and then Gideon

  • ItsMeJarren games
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    Ohh I have a funny story of when I went to church this one time, I was supposed to go to Sunday School and I hid behind a thing of bleachers and I hid there for about an hour or something

  • Choy Ai Wong
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    Your leg was put on the table and it’s looks hairy

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    i never had kid logic lol and im a kid wth

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    The whimsical distributor pharmacodynamically cycle because snowstorm preauricularly describe on a mundane relative. chunky, unequaled team

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    Is the sure Jan on your backpack a Brady bunch reference?

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    She saidWe’re brothers 7:54

  • Vals game world
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    6:03 JUST NOTICE HOW THOSE KIDS ARE FROM DISNEY CHANNEL SHOWS!!!!! 1: Luz 2: Amphibia 3: Tilly 4: Gideon

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    I have

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    Did anyone notice gideon from gravity falls when some kids were walking by

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    did anyone notice she was putting bricks on top of someone

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    luz and Ann and tilly from disny chanel are in this video

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    we are together

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    Nana nanny batman

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    Eu amo seu canal me ajudaria muito em colocar legendas em Português Brasil eu conheci seu canal pelo Fansitube e amei seu trabalho ele e maravilhoso se poder colocar a legenda em Português Brasil ajudaria por que espanhol e ruim nos Brasileiros não falamos em espanhol eu amo seu trabalho tanto queria poder ver seus vídeos com uma legenda melhor te amo seu canal e muito bom (I love your channel it would help me a lot to put subtitles in Portuguese Brazil I knew your channel through Fansitube and I loved your work it is wonderful if you can put subtitles in Portuguese Brazil it would help because Spanish is bad in Brazilians we don't speak Spanish I love your work I really wanted to be able to see your videos with a better caption I love you, your channel)

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    I am not a "oodalolie" I am a Imposter

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    I went to the wrong school, I wish I could hang out with cartoon characters 6:03

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    She has a very nice voice it's relaxing

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    roses are red violets are blue i spy a tommy bear and so do you

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    Love it "skool"

  • Luis Esteban Ortiz
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    4:27 Tommy bear from Eddsworld and ASDF from ASDF movie, both were Tomska featured as a character 6:05 and Gideon from Gravity Falls

  • Gacha Mantis
    Gacha Mantis19 klukkustundum síðan

    Hey ummm I know your really good at art but I found something online that really helps me practice my art for my dream job (an artist) it is a little wooden figure and you can put it into positions to practice your drawing of people and figures! I know you probably won’t respond but if you could maybe interact with me on TikTok or here!!! Also love your context keep up the good work and stay safe 💖💖💖

  • Sarah Kraus
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    Guidion idk how to spell his name sorry from gravity falls appears at 6:05 Me:little gravity falls fangirl

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    can you do face reveal plsss

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    We need a part two

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    I am a kid and I love kid logic

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    Hey Becca remmber your draw your life sorry and your grandma died and your age was 12? Well.... My grandma died at well I was 6....

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    woah.... i stuck gum up my nose

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    Was that pewtiepiw

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    Why was one kid with the tommee bear plush

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    2:17 *anne Tilly and Luce in the backround*

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    Yeah my friend had to go to the van instead of a car or a bus

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    6:04 I love how there’s Tilly from big city greens,luz from the owl house, Gideon from gravity falls, and Ann from amphibia

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    Becca pulling a Roddy Piper and destroyed the day care System

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    6:03 was that luz

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    I love mario

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    Do you know what it's a longplay?

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    Wow you are amazing at animation does anyone mind telling me what she uses? I’m trying to do animation like you

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    I just spent 20 minutes trying to remember this channels name

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    6:03 ¡OMG! Anne and Luz :D

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    I saw giddien Tilly Anne

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    Rebecca: HMMMMMMMM u guys seem fimilar Friends: WHy yes We are cool kids bc we ar on Tv show 6:03 - 6:07 Disney Characters as Rebecca's Friend such as: Tilly Green From "Big City Greens", Anne Boonchuy From "Amphibia", Luz Noceda From "The Owl House", and Gideon Gleeful From "Gravity Falls".

  • Sheena Branton
    Sheena BrantonDegi Síðan síðan

    one game i loved to play at daycare was a game i called hide and you play hide and lie was snek out to my sisters room and hide and when an adult would ask you why you did it you say did what and lie about doing it costinly.

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    6:06 ph hey lil Gideon! :>

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    6:05 IS THAT GIDOEN?

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    4:06 haha u watch markiplier too?

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    NYXXYN’S ADVENTURESDegi Síðan síðan

    at 603 she used tilly from big city green the gurl from amphibia and the other gurl from owl house all on disney

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    Why is that like me with my sister I only wanna go in her room to play video games.

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    Did anyone realize how much better her animation evolved?

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    Wait did anybody see Tilly from Big city greens, Anne from Amphibia, Luz from The Owl House, and Gideon from Gravity Falls?

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    6:03 aah i just noticed the characters in the baaack

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    "I've beat the thy-th-tim !!" "I've been com-wo-mized" "Holy quale ! that accually worked!"

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    6:04 Glad to see you're still into Gravity falls (That's Gideon For those who didn't catch it)

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    I am from Brazil and I really like your videos, I see it from your voice actors, my favorite is from the girlfriends fairy (always split)

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