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I cant believe he actually won..
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    2:10 😂😂

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    C bro why would you do that

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    I literally lost my breath when Chris' arm literally went for Nolan T^T

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    Stir VI know you mama that

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    The cameramen tho ahahahahah

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    4:00 when the principal catch u skipping

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    bruh I can’t believe Karl was literally the reason why Sapnap won😂😂😂

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    Hey mister beast can you shout out meeee plss

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    happy birthday jimmy my fav you tuber

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    Playing tag and winning that much money will be so amazing

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    And people still say karl ruined mrbeast

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    I love mr Bes

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    0:19 SiMpsOnsssSsSs

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    I was seating and eating some popcorn while watching 😌 lol it was fun to watch 😂 congrats guys ☘️💵💵💵💵

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    The only thing I heard from Jordan was "AAaaAAAaAaaaaAAaAAAAAAAAAAAaA"

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    Why didnt you deliver my mrbeastburger

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    CAN I HAV IT THE 10,000?

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    can i hav 10,00 grans MRBEAST?

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    4:23 “Ni- I knew that”

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    Get PewDiePie to 200M before T-Series

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    The hospital look scary

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    That is so messed up on how he just told on them😭

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    0:21 pause and go to this time

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    If you subbed to Jidaxan you a goat

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    16:39 karl looks so confused

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    Yo Chris what about Tyson boy 34 .

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    Rick is still on a roof 10:25:79 and Sap want

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    he should do this against middle scholers those people are savage

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    How didn’t I notice that sapnap was playing

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    Karl slips out of jail: Dude how do I get out? Look at these, these are literally titanium! Then Karl slips back in 10:00

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    Sapnap really said "hehe, I'm faster than you guys"

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    Jordan screams way too much

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    8:34 why is Karl’s face on the wall 😀

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    Host someone from somalia

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    My family is a small you-tuber I hope u can come and visit us in Georgia… My family loves you

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    Karl is such a wholesome boi I can't-

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    Mr beast can u buy be a Jeep Wrangler rubicon 4xe

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    Chris sliding into the door 💀

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    Why is that place full of memes

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    7:38 rick n' roof had something in common.

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    why is the sink running cause i see you

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    Man I didn’t know sapnap was such a snake

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    am i the only one who notice jimmy shirt had the pan flag color's but just in a different order-

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    we just gonna ignore George on the wall 2:33

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    mr beast you give money all around the world or in your country please tell me

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    Nolan was the funniest in this

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    In india and Pakistan this game is called Pakran pakrai

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    Is it even legally to go to an abandoned hospital

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    Sap nap he called out chandler and karl is a jerk

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    I mean Karl is hansome

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    sap nap got so lucky

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    Cantler I’m sorry for all the loss I wish you could win some and I know you’ve won these past three I don’t mess up anymore Chandler we love you