Film Theory: Did Disney STEAL Finding Nemo?

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Disney is infamous for keeping a tight hold on it's copyright, including taking it to extremes with things that TECHNICALLY fall under public domain in their original format. Well, that is not what happened with Finding Nemo. You see, the story of Finding Nemo is VERY similar to a not as well known children's story. One that is NOT in the public domain. Today, Theorists, we are going to dive deep and figure out if Disney actually STOLE the story of Finding Nemo!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Pedro Freitas, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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    I have to agree with Mat here, it is important to remember that power and privilege does not equal evil, and that just because someone is weak and small doesn't mean that they are good.

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    So, was there ever a time copyrights expired 12 years after the author's death or was that just a random number used as an example?

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    So am I the only one who was obsessed with the development of Finding Nemo? I have seen, heard, and read a ton about writer and director Andrew Stanton's creative process and how he came up with the ideas in the movie. Stuff like the aquarium he went to with his son where the first idea of the movie came to him. Talking to dentists and biologists. Figuring out how to animate water. The Walt Disney Corporation had no creative control. There was no way Finding Nemo was a stolen idea. Also according to this Pixar was thinking about clown fish in 1994.

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    ... I read it multiple times as dory stole nemo and kept waiting for it to come up.. it took me 14 minutes to realize that was in fact, not the title

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    ... I read it multiple times as dory stole nemo and kept waiting for it to come up.. it took me 14 minutes to realize that was in fact, not the title

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    Disney usually takes a lot of the stories from other sources instead of their own imaginations very sadly

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    Mickey was right. Matpat later found himself being beaten in a Uyghur Concentration Camp in Western China for his troubles. He was there as a 'guest' of Mickey's good friends, the Chinese Communist Party.

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    I hate disney verry much but sorry... This time the disney is right, disney maded "a fish searching his family" story a lot better than that french book, you cant sue a work because they have similar themes, if he think disney stolen his work then he should created something more unique, for example one of nemos fins are bigger than other thats a trait unique to nemo and this thing make him special between all other clownfishes on our oceans, dear artists, please dont always blame bigger corporations when they did same thing better than you, please got some honor...

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    I'm only 6 minutes in but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Disney is in the right. From what I've read about book licensing and other such things, you can't steal an idea. Idea's can't be copyrighted, unless it's like a machine, but when it comes to the creative process you can have millions of stories with the same idea but as long as it's not copied word for word it's free game. That's why we have so many Romeo and Juliet, stories about wizarding children, and such. They're all fundamentally the same, but the writers put their own spin to the stories just enough to make it different and for it to sell. Also, I love all of the puns lol

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