Film Theory: There Is Only DAD D̩̿̃̊a͎̓̄͋D ͈͘DÁ̘̪͡d ̒̇͞d̻̈́̚a͌͊͋͋͌D̡̻͊̒͞ ͈̆͐̌͒ͅd̰̘͝͡Á͕̪̄̚͢͟͠D̜̖̈͆̚ͅ

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Who is Dad? No, not YOUR dad or MY dad. DAD! The man at the center of the new surreal series on ISsofts. While familiar with the creator, I only came across this channel a little while ago and when he made a video with MY FACE as the thumbnail (even though it was deleted soon after), I knew I had to sit up and pay attention. There is some WEIRD stuff going on behind the facade of neon colors and dance music. Who is Dad? WHAT is Dad? Well Theorists, we are about to find out.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and "Inside A Mind"
Editors: Forrest Lee and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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    He said "Add to his power" me learning progamming to make a bot that make acc:W H Y Y E S

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    Dad eats Flavored Osmotic Oral Dinner. The main ingredient is red. His main form of communication is telepathy, seeing as he speaks without moving this jaw as most do. His main attack weapon is axe, a Melee woodfelling device he most likely stole off of neighbor. Neighbor's shed is an issue of contention for him, as he is jealous of it and seeks to out do it or destroy it. He obeys the server. The server has rules as an employer would. He enjoys it's order. As should you. As should malvin.

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    8:53 I reasearched Kepler-22B a while ago, so i got low-key excited when he started talking about it lol

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    FYI @ 1:52 is Nexpo not Night Mind.

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    I don't know if I'm crazy but either Dad is in season 3 of the show Lucifer ( Episode 14 of season 3 around 17 minutes into the show i believe ) or they got an actor that looks extremely similar to him.

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    I regret to say that I thought the thumbnail was Doug Walker

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    Plot twist: Dad is in Wanda Vision

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    Film Theory: Steamboat Willie is an animal torturer?

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    this is hard, the simulation theory is the closest. but theres something to do with quantum tech here. perhaps inspired by movies like player1? maybe something like this? but metaphor. there r other movies that explain this idea i have better, but i forgot the names. like this feels a whole like a metaphor for some of the ideas people have about whats going on right now. i think theres a clue in quantum violation. something about 3 particles in 2 boxes but in quantum the particles are never in the same box??! some kind of violation of nature. a clue perhaps, not so much simulated reality but a 'controlled reality' of sorts?

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    Did you know he made a video about matpats dark secrets

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    I can hippety hoppty that in 2:11 the photo Language:(my first language!) Tamil Translates to her when I saw that I had to confirme I am not seeing things lol

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    Make a vid about dad he's a bot not a robot part bot and part boomer make a vid about dad cause he made a vid of u last weak its going to continue and i can see the pinned comment he said he's fine but he's not i have one question for u dad bot why are there people behind the camera if your not a bot or bot napped it doesn't make sense for u not for me

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    Lol the part hes been hiding in a fortnite bush tho

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    The person DAD is cheating with is Lily from the ATNT

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    . . Y did he mention "William Afton" in there. So "William Afton" was recreating his loved ones into some-things such as robots and he has a large family?. .

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    Dad has been active in the comment section in across alot of Matt's videos. We may want to investigate further. Hack maybe Matt is in on it waiting for one of us to figure somthing out Idk. Maybe I'm looking to far into it.

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    You probably won’t see this but when Nathan is talking backwards and you see dad in the background in some parts he covers his mouth. Also if you keep up with dads posts on ISsofts they are stating that he is still alive. What if this means that Nathan is trying to get dad. It is far fetched and probably not correct but you never know. Just a possibility.

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    Matpat r u and dad gonna make Pat 2 😃 Does the FOOD taste good 😀 Is u is friends with dad 🙂

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    So,is anyone going to say that Nathan's character "Keith Apicary" appeared on avgn's chirstmas special where they reviewed the sega genesis addons

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