How To Be Behzinga | Official Trailer


Once a poster boy for poor health, Ethan Payne (aka Behzinga) has turned his life around. His biggest challenge yet, the London Marathon, has been cancelled-- so what will he do next?
Take the journey with Ethan this October 19th.
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    you got this

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    Hello, I want to launch a project to help people. As far as I know, ISsofts is a great force. And thus we will give help to those who need it! Thank you all in advance! Let's go, I will present a video report after first aid!subscribe and like, thank you

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    JJ : Man went from a 2 to an 8..

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    Honestly though. What shoes is he wearing for running

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    can't wait for this lad👀

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    Dang that gave me goosebumps.

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    This is a beautiful video 💯💯💯💯

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    This looks sick!!

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    So many familiar faces in this we would never expect

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    Break your body.

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    Mad tings

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    Behzinga just to let you know god doesnt make any mistakes you are a great youtube role model.

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    You legend bez ❤

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    Master Wongggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

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    Seen you since day one. Your an giant inspiration to all

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    Absolutely love this! You smashed it bro

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    Much much love and support bruvv ! Ksi and you really did inspired me to move myself and get in shaped .. wallah bruv I love you 🖤

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    Can't wait

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    Bazinga even though you won't really see this message I also have went through what you've I was you know little bit big they're in there I started to see myself as this ugly hideous person I hated myself out always cry and wasn't cool21 day I showed all those haters that I can change my appearance and then I got slim 😂 and now that's why I started watching you and all the assignments I'm a new subscriber remind me of me you know hope you get all the best things that you need and all that stuff you know 👊🏾

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    Love from Sweden Love ur vids Never give up on your dreams

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    *Break your body.*

  • Ash Redmond
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    To hear Tobi say “I didn’t know if I would see my friend again” was genuinely heartbreaking. I lost my sister to suicide and hearing it really clicks in your head. Big props man ❤️

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    You really have to rate this. You can’t hate the man for this

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    You are truly amazing!

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    Keep up the work my g

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    U know ima be watching this

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    You hv come a long way BROTHER so proud

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    @Ptao Tom "my name is jenny" Name:ptao tom

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

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    🥺♥️ so proud of him

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    This just came with some heat 🔥

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    i'm so fuckin proud of you behz

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    Your bloody brilliant

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    bro im here for u never give up me and 4.15 mil people are in this journey with u luv u man

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    unreal lad

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    We love you behz

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    such an inspiration to me thank you , you legend

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    Full respect👊🏼 properly feel you on this. Few years ago I weighed 23stone and was unhappy constantly, finally built up the courage to hit the gym and managed to lose 10 stone in 5/6 months, was the best decision in my life! if you want something go get it don’t let anything/anyone get in your way!

  • Harvey Rayner
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    I just got chills throughout all of that, much love behz

  • Psyco Gaming
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    I really hated him back then. But now, i think he should be the most respected sidemen

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    I hate that this video has dislikes

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    🥺♥️ so proud of him

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    What a lad

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    What a legend 🔥🔥🔥. Im so inspired

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    Man Like Behz!! HE LIFTED UP A FIRETRUCK FORWARD!! Thats Hard and Challenging.. Anyways Can't wait to watch Episode 2 of How to be Behzinga! :D

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    Such an Inspiring guy! You and Eddie be pulling trucks wth.

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    I’m here after the first episode. It was so frikkin good, I legit teared up

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    What an inspiration. Big up you absolute legend ❤

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    Who else got shifted to this vid as the live ended?

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    That was moving.

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    that was fucking amazing

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    This should be on Netflix

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    This looks amazing!!! I can’t wait

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    Massive inspiration

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    This gonna be fire

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    Makes me feel a bit guilty for enjoying Sidemen food videos, lmao.

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    Head up bro ur a legend this is going to be SICK!

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    Big W

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    I am ready today is the day!

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    Well done on your journey 🏋️‍♀️💪

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    damn God has brought you a long way!!!❤❤

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    From watching this trailer it self I started to cry ( Big Behz De Legend)

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    Im saying this now the trailer has already beaten most of netflix shows and movies.

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    What a man inspired me to get fitter

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    Big up behz, YA DUN KNOW!!! ❤

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    do they also include how to be vain? Love Behz tho


    Wow wow wow 😮😮😮😮

  • Yuki Hie
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    Fun fact: I’m also 103 kg, you, and the sideman inspired me to do more. You especially inspired me to go that far and not giving up. Also, happy sideman anniversary.

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    Yo this trailer gave me goose bumbs

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    cant wait to watch this lets go

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    The respect I give this man for everything he has done and also making the originals free to watch is such a bless man

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    Never been THIS hyped for a ISsofts Original. I CAN'T WAIT!!

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    Thank You for the inspiration, I will try my best to be inspired by this and so proud of you mate. been watching you since 2015 and this is something I never imagined back then and it just proves how determined you are. A TOTAL LEGEND

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    the girl in this trailer is fuckin unreal

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    Behz, you are such an inspiration to everyone!💞🤙🏼

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    I got goosebumps from just watching the trailer wow bro

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    I love this legend, Most inspiring person i've known in along time.

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    So so so so so so inspiring. Cannot wait to watch!

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    Behz your so inspiring ♥️

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    Just seen you on the news dude! Congratulations

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    Why are people disliking this video, btw if you do your bent.

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    And then theres jj who just claims he hasnt stopped training since the fight lol

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    Thank you! For everything that you do!

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