I BANNED OBAMA (jschlatt animated)


Schlatt bans the president.
Animation by Kim Elliott: kim_elliott_art
Original video:


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    SCHLATT 2020 DROPS IN THREE DAYS!!!! schlatt2020.com

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    @MCman41 buying the poster

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    ok jschlatt

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    @Tom Moran what?

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    I could buy schlatt merch and it would be hilarious because I’m not even American and it would confused everyone I know

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    Fun fact me and obama share a birthday =)

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    Republicans vs Democrats

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    When jschlatt talked about how great America was now Florida was gone and I live in Florida so goodbye boys

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    i miss 2019 sm :(

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    this is the greatest thing i've ever seen

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    I fucking love how they animate travis

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    my favorite bit of interaction is antvenom trying to be vaguely actually political and schlatt just not engaging with that at all

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    as a floridian, i agree that florida should be sawed off the planet :)

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    I love travis hes so innocent sounding

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    this animation is better than the real video change my mind

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    Schlatt is just.a gay libertarian i figured it out

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    Jshlatt likes Trump, I hate Trump, I like Jshlatt

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    Watching this in 2X speed is an experience

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    I like how they got rid of Florida

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    I like the tiny Cooper in the background :)

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    I love that this animator draws schlatt with his different amounts of facial hair depending on when this was. Like with the cheese calamity he had his mustache, but he's clean-shaven here.

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    "You can't do this to me on pride month"

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    I'm straight, but that "noooo" from Travis is THE cutest shit I've EVER heard

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    Upside down Obama is something everyone should fear

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    I got a joe biden ad on this

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    I saw a small clip of this from a gayschlatt comp and I'm happy to see it animated, this has made my day officially.

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    What did obama do to you

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    0:27 I love how florida is missing

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    How did I just now notice that Antvenom's shirt says Schlatt and Cum after watching this video like 10 times?

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    You trash you kicked tommy and wilbur

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    " Nope. " 00:30

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    To be fair he made it better for gays

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    this is cool

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    jesus christ this is so well animated

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    Traves comes in “who put a pp on the sign?!”

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    0:51 I'm cackling at tiny cooper

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    Obama isn't allowed to jschlatt's birthday

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    Antvenom be wearing the Schlatt & Cum merch

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    I love how Obama is just cutely smiling the whole

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    Obama just looks so sad 😞

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    take that obama

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    Was THIS SmpLive content? damn

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    is schlatt a Trump supporter :(

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    its a personality he has, his conservative tax scamming libertarian is a whole front he does.

  • Doug


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    always has been always will be

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    Schlatt and coom, lol

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    IS it bc he's black..

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    This video in a nutshell: Politics - Politics = 0:12

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    Aww see this is why Schlatt will always have a place in my heart ❤️

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    And ban trump plz

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    2:02 we know now why his character is a goat

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    "69° _obama?_ do you really want that?" "Bu-" "69 positioned _obama?_ do you REALLY want that?"

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    Antvenom be wearing the Schlatt & Cum merch

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    YO HOLD UP, where are the chops and mustache???

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    This video is rocking a 1/7 like to view ratio right now. That’s insane

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    "think about how awesome the state is now"

  • TheHungaryWaffle Inc.
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    It’s funny because Obama’s drone strike kills were majority civilians

  • 69B-Scoop420
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    hello, people in the comments section! this is urgent! I need help finding a song from a bunch of Jschlatt videos. It's normally played during an awkward or upsetting moment and I think it's played on some sort of saxophone or trumpet (maybe it's something else I have no idea) its instrumental, and is really strange-sounding, almost like a type of Russian folk? if anyone has any suggestions on what it might be, please let me know.

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    But.. I live in florida. (political ad plays saying you shouldn't vote schlatt for president because he hates florida)

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    not ant liking Obama

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    Every trump supporter XD JK (or am I, which ever doesn’t get me in trouble ;-;)

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    Obama had a chance. I respect you sir

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    You hate liberals? Why? What about me? Do you hate me? You don't hate me right? Right?? Right?????????? :(

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    The genius of schlatt

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    When he said look how good it is now its america without folrida.

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    0:50 cooper smol

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    Schlatt’s laugh is actually captured perfectly.

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    Abe be like in Minecraft : *Fricking new Style of Election bruh, and with no Proof Immediate for EMPEROR !

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    0:28 what the hell happened to Florida

  • minij hooi

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    4 dögum síðan

    I am getting major gravity falls nostalgia from this artstyle

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    I liked the Travis part

  • Erica Wirth
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    the little cooper-

  • rohan agarwal
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    At 0:27 , its funny how the animator removed florida from the better america😂

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  • [GD] TheSpyC1
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    Obama and trump would enjoy this a lot probably lol.

  • Bennett Wies
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    Bruh everyone’s talking about how they cant pinpoint Schlatts political views but this whole video he was just dissing Florida. When he says think about how bad America used to be and then think about how good it is now on the after picture there is no Florida

  • Little Shells
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    Multi choice questions be like: A: Obama B: Sideways Obama C: Upside-down Obama D: Bro-bama Edit: Caps and spelling

  • Mimikhue Izayoi
    Mimikhue Izayoi4 dögum síðan

    I love how the "so you like obama?" bit had Phoenix Wright animations.

  • Aloe Vera
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    Jshlatt is like a modern Micheal scott.

  • Jess loves Shinra Kusakabe
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    LMAO not at me rewatching this video to read "Schlatt and Cum" on Antvenom shirt

  • Jared Letto
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    all he did was remove florida

  • Derek Moore
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    Schlatt took away Florida

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    There is an impeccable like to dislike ratio on this one

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    I am getting major gravity falls nostalgia from this artstyle

  • aight ima headout#0002
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    A timeless classic

  • hen ko
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    "Look how much better America is" Florida doesn't exist

    SILVER5 dögum síðan

    So schlatt is a republican...... Let’s go boys

  • Oh god
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    *i banned obama* 0:12

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    5 dögum síðan

    Just both traves and jschlatt freaking out about the sign, both knowing jschlatt did it. That is the funniest thing to mr.

  • おいし『 garlic bread 』
    おいし『 garlic bread 』5 dögum síðan

    Tiny cooper is my favourite part of this video.

  • Bliss VR
    Bliss VR5 dögum síðan

    “Think about how bad it used to be” “Now think of how awesome it is now” *removes florida*

  • logan stauffer
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    definitely being saved in a good file

  • Alex
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    Tiny Cooper saying "Obama is my world" is so cute and wholesome for some reason

  • TheMasked
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    I got so many Republican ads lol

  • Brendan Grimes
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    If Jshlatt was in Gravity Falls

  • Arushi Ahmed
    Arushi Ahmed5 dögum síðan

    yk i’m regretting voting pog2020 but you won anyways LMAO

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    I’d watch a whole tv show with this art style, I love it

  • Illegal
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    Didn't get rid of California?

  • gtoss chddy

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    5 dögum síðan

    Obama Looked Like Brock with No Hair.

  • rosie.
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    good times.

  • gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddy

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    Got an Obama ad on this

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    Ngl that was really well animated

  • ren
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    "think about how bad it used to be and how awesome it is now" florida said bye bye

  • Tsunami
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    Did anyone else notice at 0:27 that Florida is gone?

  • X a n

    X a n

    5 dögum síðan

    It is a 2 minute animation. The answer is yes

  • Senpai
    Senpai6 dögum síðan

    When schlatt said how bad America used to be i see Florida and when he said how awesome America is Florida is gone