My Thoughts on Reality Shifting


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    A reality shift is just a more lucid lucid dream

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    You have 11 million views yet not 1 million likes, I'm dissopointed in most of you

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    Just bought your book its really cool

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    “I understand that there are things that I don’t understand” Did this man just pull a Socrates?

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    Get the bad stuff pls

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    For me it is a muggle private school UwU

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    Come to think of it, some people at random stores just stand looking lifeless. ;-; XD

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    technically you shifting is making a reality...

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    yes james, assuming the parallel universes theory is correct, there are infinite parallel universes created in every infinitesimal period of time. i believe in parallel universes, but once they've split, they're inaccessible to us. also, why hogwarts? what kind of idiot do you have to be to choose hogwarts? thats surprisingly lame.

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    I think of reality shifting as intense lucid dreaming. And I'm intrigued enough to keep trying it. I'm still researching though.

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    Lucid dreaming is just much better tbh

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    If reality shifting exists, then how come nobody have been taken over from it?

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    Thank you I’ve been saying this stuff for foreverrrr😭😭😭😭😭😭 no one listens to meeeee

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    James I miss you🥺 Go find interesting thinks

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    "They often say that bad thinking is no better than sleeping."

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    Yay more stupidity and ofcourse its from tik tok what else I'm 14 and i thubk tik to is for delusional idiotic kids.

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    James The "MulttyVeris" Is Called Aus

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    James=Karen confirmed!?!?

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    Naw he aint no Karen he is just speaking facts

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    James going to the 15th dimension at the end lol.

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    Nah, bro. Keep Bakugo, but Hamilton is *MINE*

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    “Back off bakugou he’s mine” 💀 PLSS IM DEAD

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    Ok, I am not a anti vaxxer. But I don't believe that the covid vaccination is a viable thing that has been proven to work. At this Current moment, heart inflammation has been seen in children at young ages. I dislike the high amount of people talking people like me down just because we are trying to not die from a vaccine that is supposed to save lifes. I do believe vaccines (like the flu vaccine) work because they have been proven to work, and are verified by the FDA.

  • rants, rants, and more rants

    rants, rants, and more rants

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    @Shoes4Clues it isn't fda approved. It says this in their official website

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    @rants, rants, and more rants i was saying that pfizer IS fda approved

  • rants, rants, and more rants

    rants, rants, and more rants

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    @Shoes4Clues ok so, I am not saying the covid vaccination is fda approved. I was stating that the multiple flu strains and vaccinations ARE approved.

  • Shoes4Clues


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    pfizer is fda approved?

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    "every time i scratch my butt"

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    Wait maybe there’s a reality where my cartoon crushes are real (I doubt it) Me rn: mom we’re moving... Mom: where? Me: we’re gonna to look for a home in The Hazbin hotel, helluva boss, fnaf, Looney tunes, and bunch of others Mom: 0-0

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    Hi boy what you doing there in your bedroom

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    If there are infinite realities and every one is different then there is a reality we’re there aren’t any other realities

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    There are no infinite realities

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    I mean conspiracy theory’s are quite funny to see like I get ur point dude

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    It’s just happening all in your head while your meditating. Like dreaming!

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    yes he literally says it's dreaming

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    7:29 James? Are you ok or you are a bit LGBT?!

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    @Sfg Sfhe the fuck is wrong with being lgbt

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    Jeez, hope not

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    Expecto oddtronum

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    Hey check out the song hogwarts

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    *Because they're dreaming*

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    Oof when he said “if you have seen end game you know what I mean” (when that seen Is really in infinity war)

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    5:22 yes in parallel universes physics are still the same, but in alternate universes they aren’t. The terms are commonly mixed up but alternate universes have different physics than other one, and alternate universes even have parallel universes of their own. This is what I hate about reality shifting people, they claim what they are saying is real but don’t care enough to use the right terms, which is ok but the hard part is how they state that they did their research and still call them parallel universes.

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    Parallel and alternative universes are bs

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    My friend Ziphereth was thinking about BF from FNF doing a cringe dance before he slept and he had a nightmare with BF doing the dance WITH A GUN!!!! WAT?

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    so reality shifting is lucid dreaming but technically not lucid dreaming BUT lucid dreaming.

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    Are you gay???

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    God forbid

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    Transferring consciousness into a different reality? Are we counting realities created mentally AKA dreaming? XD (JK Do not take this message seriously.)

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    Quick question how did you get recognized when you started

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    The usage of memes is… immaculate…

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    2:22 *AMOGUS*

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    6:17 nope he mine!

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    It’s a Lucid dream ohhhhhhhhhh

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    no ablo ingles F

  • richard esteban aparicio estrada
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    Can you make a video

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    shifting is just lucid dreaming :) really fun, but not something to base your entire existence around

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    I thought he didn't like anime

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    Fusionfall and jump force be like: 0_0 what about us?

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    theres a reality where every one hates theodd1sout

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    There are no infinite/alternative realities, it's such bs

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    Sorry I took bakugou quite awhile ago

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    Tic toc poo

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    I like stuff like this and I just say no look at science

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    THANK YOU! Haven't seen truer eight minutes and fourty seconds for years on the internet and I am around here for over two decades now and on earth I am around for fourty years now. You got such a great mixture of criticism understanding and positivity to motivate depressed (in real clinical or just in colloquial meaning) people to get themselves out of their dark thoughts back to the world outside and change the stuff they are able to change to build up a better and more positive life for themselves and therefore for their surrounding as well. This one is the best of all of your videos I have seen so far and it has been a bunch of videos I have seen from you over the years. So again: Thank you for that great TED-talk, friend!

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    She actually came to her being with the laws of physics only 2.5 s after the big bang 2.5 s springs to have been altered in a different way so the last of reality

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    I hate tik tok

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    Reality can often be disappointing

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    Someone tell me why I just learned more in one video than I have in 8 years of school

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    🧑🏼‍💼+🐶=break up

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    So… you broke up with Isabelle?🐕

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    I just saw dorito in the thumbnail HOW COME I NEVER SAW THAT

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    Btw this vid is like saying escapisim isn't the most healthy way to yeah people know that, but those people are gonna keep doing it because it's a coping mechanisim and you can't rly expect someone to stop...especially when you don't help them find a better way of coping..? I get what he means but...idk it's just telling someone to stop doing something that has helped them feel less shitty..

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    Hold up- the secret is... JaMeS sImPs FoR bAkUgO..?! NANI-

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    The thing is, if the kid is young enough (under 9 years old) and doing this because of trauma. It essentially guarantees theyll get did/osdd but wont classify it as such and thus not get the help they need for their trauma or living situation. Denial does save our life but so can asking for help from protective services. Not always but it reads very much like "dont adress the issues you have and have maladaptive daydreaming, just give up on living" which cannot be healthy for abused kids who might also have self assassination issues

  • ThirrinDiamond


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    All that to say ty for your video calling this out

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    I have a question if you want to go in a world where you dont exist do you go to thé void W.D Gaster style

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    I’m watching Harry Potter right now is that weird??

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    Fix your upload schedule james or my mum says you can't come over anymore

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    Who wouldn't want to hop out of a public muggle school? That's why there's so many people trying to shift. Tell them to snap into reality and shove them a book, fine, but the only good that'll do is give them another idea to put on the list of where to shift to. You can't stop the shifting community, and I see no reason to. You can't really say it's fake if you've never shifted. Honestly, I just kind of hate how shifters get called maniacs who have weird hallucinations, If you don't believe it don't bother hating on it, it doesn't effect you in any way, it's not as if their forcing you to shift. That's the end of my rant, I hope you are mature and won't throw a fit in the replies because of a comment by a stranger, thank you.

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    m s

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    This is so true, and I am disappointed in James for not even doing the correct research. Thank you for this

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    6:21 Is that Iida?

  • dog lover UwU

    dog lover UwU

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    He has the glasses and blue hair

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    Am I the only one that there frends had DRAWN Bakugou for their room

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    MUSIC CENTER11 klukkustundum síðan

    James That's Called Reincarnation-

  • Sfg Sfhe

    Sfg Sfhe

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    And there is no such thing

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    I want more sooubway videossssss

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    Hey! Actual physicist (student) here! So yeah Deez nuts

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    Got 'em

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    SEMO HOG11 klukkustundum síðan

    I AM 11

    SEMO HOG11 klukkustundum síðan


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    8:10 “right Bakugo?”

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    Rebel Flag isn't racist, let the comments come at me

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    I agree with you but where I'm from that's what everyone thinks

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    Come on

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    ᑎᗝ ᗝᛕ ᑎᗝ.😄

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    I always thought reality shifting was like lucid dreaming-

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    sounds like sleep with extra steps

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    hello robert james rallison or robert rallison😉😉😉😉

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    Harry Potter sucks

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    How to go the Naruto universe

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    You can't, it's not real

  • Milk Mama
    Milk Mama14 klukkustundum síðan

    Ok but you’re not gonna bash Christians for believing that there’s an invisible man in the sky that watches everything you do?

  • Milk Mama

    Milk Mama

    4 klukkustundum síðan

    @Sfg Sfhe also the Big Bang THEORY is not fact. That’s why it’s called “the Big Bang theory”. I don’t accept it as fact, I just entertain the idea because there’s connections and things to back it up as a reliable theory

  • Milk Mama

    Milk Mama

    4 klukkustundum síðan

    @Sfg Sfhe that’s extremely hypocritical. 1. I said I’m ex Christians because I did belied it until I was a bit older, and because you had claimed I have never read a bible, which I have. 2. It’s extremely hypocritical of you to say that I’m just believing scientists just because they say it because you belief the Bible just because it says what it says. You’re still not giving me proof. I believe scientists because the genuinely have proof and research behind their statements. I’m not tryna put you down for believing what you want, but I hate hypocrites.

  • Sfg Sfhe

    Sfg Sfhe

    4 klukkustundum síðan

    @Milk Mama 1. Going to Church does not make you Christian, you've never studied the history behind the Bible 2. Oh right because everything scientists say is true, right? Like, infinite or parallel universes? Really? Or, like your example the Big Bang. Did you ever actually think about it or do you just accept it as fact because some scientists claimed so? How did the Big Bang happen? Nothing happens without motion, what created the Big Bang? What motion was there that created the Big Bang? How did nothing all of a sudden become everything? Nothing became something, no life became life, no intelligence became intelligence. Just as the Bible says: "22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools"

  • Milk Mama

    Milk Mama

    4 klukkustundum síðan

    @Sfg Sfhe why tf are you lying? 1. I’m an ex Christian because my parents made me go to church 2. Scientists don’t mix they’re beliefs or religion with science because it interferes. Like how can you say that when the Big Bang theory exists. I wanna see your proof, show me some research. If there were proof of Jesus everyone would know it. But believe what you want ig, just don’t bash others beliefs unless you’re going to criticize your own. And believe me I know how reality shifting sounds.

  • Milk Mama

    Milk Mama

    4 klukkustundum síðan

    @Loin they’re still beliefs. And you can’t say that superstition is unbelievable but then not criticize religion for how unbelievable it sounds.

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    I didn't know you felt this way, James...

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    @Bakugou Katsuki 0-0 yeah!! it was a funny comment man!! :]

  • Bakugou Katsuki

    Bakugou Katsuki

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    @_GenderNotFound_ Did- Did I just get... A complement?

  • _GenderNotFound_


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    1:11 is the place james points at at 8:17

    FOXY SDR14 klukkustundum síðan


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    Yikes you’re crazy🤌

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    6:18 - 6:20 no Bakubabe is mine :

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    Over the past 3 years I have watched him and noticed all of the 69 420 jokes

  • Noah Cabrestante
    Noah Cabrestante14 klukkustundum síðan

    Based on theoretical physics, parallel universes can only be produced by an alternate decision through time but not changing the physical laws in which the theory will be the multiple big bang theory Edit: Reality shifting is technically possible but not the way you expect, if you make a choice, you don't create an alternate universe where you made a different choice, you actually create a new universe and get there. For example, James decided to make this video, he doesn't just make a universe where he doesn't, he enters a universe where he made that decision. So based on the parallel universe theory, you aren't physically the same

  • Noah Cabrestante

    Noah Cabrestante

    2 klukkustundum síðan

    Sfg Sfhe It's only a physics theory so nobody knows if true

  • Noah Cabrestante

    Noah Cabrestante

    2 klukkustundum síðan

    Sfg Sfhe I wrote the science behind it, I still don't believe what he says

  • Sfg Sfhe

    Sfg Sfhe

    4 klukkustundum síðan

    There are no infinite/alternative realities, it's such bs