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It's time to get drifty!
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  • Shield - Brawl Stars
    Shield - Brawl Stars6 klukkustundum síðan

    Grown men IRL mario kart

  • Thomas Lloyd
    Thomas LloydDegi Síðan síðan

    Is anybody watching this in 2021

  • Galen Vittum
    Galen Vittum3 dögum síðan

    Gar I’m a purple Hoser fan

  • CMBR Galaxy
    CMBR Galaxy3 dögum síðan

    TEAM PURPLE! TEAM PURPLE! TEAM PURPLE! And my favourite colour is purple

  • Göksel Mitkov
    Göksel Mitkov4 dögum síðan


  • Evan Moesser
    Evan Moesser4 dögum síðan

    this is the only dude perfect video i have ever watched and i regret watching

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment5 dögum síðan

    Simply put, they did not throw that angle

  • Random Life
    Random Life6 dögum síðan

    Everytime I drive by tire rack I just think of dude perfect now

  • Keerthi 712
    Keerthi 7126 dögum síðan

    Hey Cory moves into the finale coz he got 16: 91 while Cody got 16: 96 wow Coby

  • Mikael Fournier
    Mikael Fournier6 dögum síðan

    I want a Baseball Home run derby for the next battle please. Let's go team twins!!! =)

  • clark cameron
    clark cameron7 dögum síðan

    What kind of go cart is that

  • Joel Comer
    Joel Comer7 dögum síðan

    Are y’all based in IN?

  • The Jonkers
    The Jonkers8 dögum síðan

    my favorite character [Garret]finally won! iv seen 3 that Garret wins now!

  • TitanDrimillion SoD
    TitanDrimillion SoD8 dögum síðan

    People who watch this must me on Team Gar now... I’m still on Team Cor

    FILIPPO LINTAS9 dögum síðan


  • DJ Swivel
    DJ Swivel9 dögum síðan

    What go pros do you use

  • Evan
    Evan9 dögum síðan

    Do an ice cream battle

  • Land0n_7
    Land0n_79 dögum síðan

    Cody doesn’t

  • Land0n_7
    Land0n_79 dögum síðan

    4:40 Doesn’t make it

  • The Wonderful Wombat
    The Wonderful Wombat9 dögum síðan

    Cory's parallel park was not parallel

  • Pallavi Agarwal
    Pallavi Agarwal10 dögum síðan

    TT 🙏🙏

  • Nathan Ryder Varghese
    Nathan Ryder Varghese10 dögum síðan

    3:56 - Look at Cody😂

  • J B
    J B10 dögum síðan

    Mario kart

  • Shaurya Bhungani
    Shaurya Bhungani11 dögum síðan

    death battle. see who dies first

  • leolegll
    leolegll11 dögum síðan


  • Debargha rocks
    Debargha rocks11 dögum síðan

    purple hoser

  • Mason Mclure
    Mason Mclure12 dögum síðan

    TT all the way

  • Meenakshi Gupta
    Meenakshi Gupta12 dögum síðan

    Ty fan

  • Kara Jamieson
    Kara Jamieson13 dögum síðan

    Not me just watching old dude perfect videos🥱✨

  • Kharal Yaseen
    Kharal Yaseen14 dögum síðan


  • Selene Bryson
    Selene Bryson14 dögum síðan


  • Selene Bryson
    Selene Bryson16 dögum síðan

    vPremier League

  • Χρήστος Χρονόπουλος
    Χρήστος Χρονόπουλος16 dögum síðan

    What is the name of the kart

  • Gaia Alfa
    Gaia Alfa17 dögum síðan

    Imagine going into a home depot and seeing this 5:41:

  • Nour Muttawa
    Nour Muttawa17 dögum síðan

    Yay I am a purple hoser fan

    8 E 200400 CHILUKURI SAI SUKESH REDDY17 dögum síðan

    Dirt bike race

  • gary mcfall
    gary mcfall18 dögum síðan

    If you can't drive a manual transmission, you don't actually know how to drive.

  • Gavin!
    Gavin!18 dögum síðan

    Do a football battle please!!!!!

  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown18 dögum síðan


  • Chris Beckford
    Chris Beckford19 dögum síðan

    The stiff business proportionally steer because vermicelli anatomically tire until a venomous flesh. alleged, agreeable plywood

  • A 1002 Rachel Ngunga
    A 1002 Rachel Ngunga19 dögum síðan

    Nerf battle

  • Jennifer Roche
    Jennifer Roche20 dögum síðan

    Where can I get one of those karts?

  • Re Cep
    Re Cep20 dögum síðan

    Türkçe altyazı eklermisiniz videolarınıza

  • Julian Abiyev
    Julian Abiyev21 degi síðan síðan

    I shipped my brothers car every day and I’m only eight years old

  • Victor Baker
    Victor Baker23 dögum síðan

    Watch 5:49 with captions on

  • RYSBEK Baltabay
    RYSBEK Baltabay23 dögum síðan

    Умеют же дуд перфект подавать контент , не то что наши кричащие стримеры

  • Mr. Unpridictable
    Mr. Unpridictable23 dögum síðan


  • Mr. Unpridictable
    Mr. Unpridictable23 dögum síðan

    please..... GARETT!!

  • kael sellens
    kael sellens24 dögum síðan

    those who have disliked, are weird because there was nothing wrong about this vid, it was just ePiC

  • Martin Rios
    Martin Rios24 dögum síðan

    Me watching this in 2021 like 👁👄👁

  • Eli The RC Guy
    Eli The RC Guy25 dögum síðan

    Who’s watching after Chase Elliot won his first championship? Also, it has to be hard to drift a front-wheel drive car!

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis25 dögum síðan

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  • RealTurklez
    RealTurklez27 dögum síðan

    Team purple hoser

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    Chao Ng27 dögum síðan

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  • 冷豪
    冷豪27 dögum síðan

    I like this one.

  • Daniel Reeves
    Daniel Reeves28 dögum síðan

    You just couldn’t make it 2 seconds longer...

  • tanishq jain
    tanishq jain28 dögum síðan


  • Tushar Iyer
    Tushar Iyer28 dögum síðan


  • Jake Green
    Jake Green29 dögum síðan

    Any karting or little vehicle races big guy always loses nomatter the skill.

  • Alp Akdere
    Alp AkdereMánuði síðan

    Cory and Cody's weren't even parks!

  • Muhammed Farhan
    Muhammed FarhanMánuði síðan

    What a racing battle is this? I love racing

  • mike foley
    mike foleyMánuði síðan

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  • Edward Nealon
    Edward NealonMánuði síðan

    I dont know why but I don’t think that Cody’s park in first round was proper cause his number was way out

  • Tanner Holthaus
    Tanner HolthausMánuði síðan

    Purple hose nation

  • Fawwaz FS
    Fawwaz FSMánuði síðan

    Is this a Asphalt 8 Airborne in real life

  • Jakub Ron
    Jakub RonMánuði síðan

    Team GARRETT

  • Nirupama Narayan
    Nirupama NarayanMánuði síðan

    Come on ty

  • NTendoPlay
    NTendoPlayMánuði síðan

    I am a youtuber

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    Eric DiazMánuði síðan

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    Ben MurrayMánuði síðan


  • Ethan Comrov
    Ethan ComrovMánuði síðan

    not quite the ST but i does have the 5 MT so I’ll take it

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    Arkan TurkiMánuði síðan

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  • Purva
    PurvaMánuði síðan

    This guy's as perfect

    QASIM MEHMOODMánuði síðan


  • Devin Burk
    Devin BurkMánuði síðan

    Need another one of these

  • Kilian Sadowski
    Kilian SadowskiMánuði síðan

    cory shoulve got -6 bc he didnt park right

  • Olswell Attoh
    Olswell AttohMánuði síðan

    Just subbed

  • Mark Feldman
    Mark FeldmanMánuði síðan


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    drewas rollerdMánuði síðan

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  • George Maatouk
    George MaatoukMánuði síðan

    Why do I feel like Cody’s big statue would not do well in the go kart challenge

  • masanpally prabhudas
    masanpally prabhudasMánuði síðan

    Dude perfect Is best for ever

  • Cecilia Murphy
    Cecilia MurphyMánuði síðan

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    Dheeraj SinghMánuði síðan


  • Santhosh Sunkara
    Santhosh SunkaraMánuði síðan

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    Lil FezyMánuði síðan

    I want that cart. Where i can get that

  • Fundamental Fantasy

    Fundamental Fantasy

    Mánuði síðan

    Just search up Go Kart For kids

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    Brekke GaineyMánuði síðan

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  • Shila Haque
    Shila HaqueMánuði síðan

    Go Arka No ☝️

  • Lane Rother
    Lane RotherMánuði síðan

    I kinda feel bad for coby Jk

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    Nobody: Cory in the first round:H̶̡̢̧̧̧̡̨̧̡̢̡̡̧̧̧̢̡̢̢̧̨̨̢̡̨̛̛̠̙̥̝̮̤̱͈̻̖̲̭̖͍̯̺̪̝̳͈͚͕̠̗̪̗̲͉̮͓̬̼̯̝͓̫̯͙͉̰̗̗̲̣̟̹͕͙̼̲̫͉͕͓͕̺̱͙͕̜͈̬̻̩̳̫̖̯̲͈͚̦̠͎̭̦͈̦̱͇͖͉͙̰͇̩͔̮͈̟̺̳̤͕͇͙̬̟̻͉̗̤͎̮̝̤͖̱͉̯̝͍̙͉̯̳̰̺̭̗͈̪͎̼̠̼̯̥͎̮͈̯̯̘͍̰͕̱̟̙̫̗̭̱̦͇͇͍̬̩̱̼͇̼͚̦̯͉̳͍̜̬͈͓̗̭͖̳̭̞̠̦̻͓͇͓͙̩͔̟̼̳͎̙̙͇̤͙̯͉̟̫̭͈͓̬̳̯͓̟̩̩̤̞͖͇͔̺͇͖̦͕͓̬̖͚̯́̃̓͌̅͋̏̃̀̀̓̄́́͗̄̎͛͒̀͆̽͆͐͐̽̌̅͑̆͌̊̽͌̃̈́͆̋̆̈́́̒͑̀̒̌̋͐̽̓͛̊̂̓͗̋̍͗̃͑́̀̓͑͂́̽̀̇͂̊̀͋͌̒͒͛̆̆͋̒͆͐̑̔̈̈́͌̿̂͛͛͋̈́͐͌͂̃͛̋̍̚͘̕͘̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅǫ̷̡̨̢̢̢̧̢̡̨̢̢̢̛̛̛̛͓̯̙̠̣͉̻̪̝̻̭͇̟̹̦̳̟̫͙̹͇͓͕̪͇͍̫̬̘̝̠̜̫̼̟̲̮̻̬͎͔͓̞̥̪͎̬̪͚̩̣̫̠̝͔͙̟̙̖̻̣͖̘̱̩͔͎̗̟̫̻̯͓̻͖͍͔͖̭͉͔̼̟̬͇͇̮̥̝͓͚̱͓̩͓̮̦͕͉̞̰̠̼̲͓͙͈͙̟͖̦̬̼̥̠̦̺̰̼͕̺͎͕͍͔͍̜̟̳̟̦̗̠̙̝̲̱̻͉̠̭̱̯̹̹̩̟̹̙̪͖̥̳̲̟̰̬̱̭̯̹̳̭̹͕͚͎̤̦̥̈́̆̔͒̈̈́̐̆͊͛̈́͗̐̒͒̐͋̇̆̍͗̌̀̉̋̔̉͗̄͌͗̌͑͊̉̃̿̂́̀̽͗̂̌̅̍̿͆̈́͛͊͋͒̓̇̀̿́̄͛͛̅̓͒͌̋̌͋͐̐̈́̐̏͑̀̏̄̾̃̓̃̏͛͆̃̉̓̉͆̍̎̂̉̈́̒͂̾͑̍͆̆̿̍͐̋̿̀͗͐̉̑̇̄͋͒̉̃̚͘̕͘̕̚̚͘̕͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͠͝͠͠ͅͅͅŗ̶̢̨̢̧̨̨̧̨̨̧̧̡̡̨̧̢̨̡̛̛̞̻͎͓̹͓̻͔͍͉͕͎̳̙̤̹̲͕̥͇̱̺̘̦̟͓̳̤͎̲̯̝̟̮̱̪̱̮̲͕͉̜̻̤͓̩͖͖͍̬̣̼͉͈͍̥̯͔̗̞̩̻͙̖͙̬̣̮̠̤̪̹̠̜̤̯̼̱̹̗̩̩͕͚͉̦͖̠̥̖͓͓̮͓̬͔̬̺̩̩̟̰͚̜̲͈͓̥̼̦͍̱̝̺̼̱̞̲̞̮̤̦̰̰̰̤̜̝̺͈̜̻̹͓̣̻̣̗̱̠͍̗͚̤͎͓̪̠͖̹͈͕͎͈̺̫̥̘͈̫̻̹̲̣̗̝̼̣̬̩̝̞̖̮̯̜̘̹̪̜̘̟̫̞̱͉͗̑̃͆̓͊̉̃̄̉̽̈́̐̿̀̾͂̏͂̔̌̔͊̂̔́͊͆̉͛́͐̉̎̕̚̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͝͝ͅͅͅi̴̧̨̧̨̧̧̨̡̡̡̡̢̡̡̧̧̡̧̡̛̛̛̛̛͍͉̲̱͎̙̼̰̬͙̗̜̗͓̺͎͙͈̯͙̝̝̳͓̼͍̻̯̤͍̣̟̩̗͎̮͇̖̘̘̫̖̮̮͓̯̣̝̠̻̟͉̱̹̫̫͎̱̬̝̝͇͙̟͔̫͓̥̞͓͍̘̮̙̥̝̭͈̦̜͓͓͍̱̻̬̜̘͈̹̪̤̜̭̟̥͙͓̣̞̜̙̖̘͚̬̘̜̱͔̟̫̹̭̻̘̪̦̲̝̺͚͇̪͍̲͉̭͇̥̗̫̳͖̙̼͎̝̝͇̻̥̠͉̱͕̱̘̣̟͉̥̻̪̞͍͉̻̯̪͕͖͚̠̳̱̠͖̝̺͇̦̟̪͇̟̳̜̠̲̝͇̝̗̻͖͙̝͔̲̖̰͈̠͙̭̠̘͇̯̤̥̱͚͇͕̥̲̖̝̤͊͊̈́͛̂͂̓͛͛̿͆̔̃̒͗̏̍̄̈͗̑͂̀̋̀̋̊̊̿̓̈́̊̒̾̅̐̃̾̊̌͋͛̊̄̒́́̊̿̀͂̃̓̈̅͐́́̀̈́̓͑̊̀̃̀̀̍̈́̋͆͑́̿̒̈́͒̃̉̑͆́͑̈́̇̒̏͑͒͌̐̊͌́̽́͒̾̈́̄̀̀̆̀̔̉̅̽̈́̿̅͑̀͂̍̃̌̐͆̿̔͋̀̽̿̊̊̇̏̍̓̋̑̀̔͗́́̆̓̃͆̈̚͘̕͘̚͘̕̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅz̴̡̧̨̨̨̢̨̢̧̨̡̧̨̡̨̨̨̡̨̧̢̨̛̛̛̛̛͔͔͖̣̪͇̮̖̳̗͉̺̦̘̩̟̰̫̤̭͙͙̙͎̮̟͈̩̖̰̪̖̺͍̦̩̯͕̪̭̩͈̰̭̠͕̭̰̜̗̘̹̝̣͚̦̮̗̦͚͎̫̻̙̲̺̝̦͇̗̠̪̩̗͇̱̤͍͇̺̟̺̭͙̣̻̺̙̰͇̬͍̭̰̝̥̻̜̱̦̰̺͕͙̥̲͔̥̫̖̥̯̟͍̤̯̘̹̝̤̯̙̠̻̣͓̯̠̬͎͕̮͇̤̰̠̥̮͓̺͎͍͉̼̬̫̫̰̺͈͇͉͈͉̩̥͈̙͖̮̲̝̖̥͍͖͖̤̻̗̦̞̱̰̘̥̰̘̮̺̯̙̰̖͖̥̠͍͈̼̣̰͓̲̫̋̾̋̍̓̐̓̅͊̍͋͗̉͛̎̾̀͐̍͋̋̈́̏̄͛̆̽͌͐̓̓͂̃̅̇̐̌͑̑͂̔̒̔̐̐͒̍̉̓̓͒̐͊́̑̈̎̌́͊͗̒̇̑͋́̈́̓̈́̃̊̌̾̐̌̔͌̓͆͆̒̓̈́͊͋̇̆̎̀̑̚̚͘̚̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͠͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅơ̸̢̡̡̡̧̧̨̧̡̢̡̨̢̨̢̡̡̨̢̧̡̧̨̢̧̢̡̧̧̧̢̨̛̛͔̮̩̭̩̰͍̩͔̯̺̙͇͖̟͍̪̲͇̰͕̖͓͙̠̜̪͎̟̺̬̙͖̳̗͚͎͚̬͕͎̬̣̳̼̺̟͎̳̤̩͔̩̬̤͎̻͈͙̹̲̳̩̙͈̝̬̝͈̫̜̗͓̬̳̲̲̟̭̠̥̦̦͚̹͓̦̱̠̣͙̼͙̠̯͓͓̬͕͓̯͚͇̤͓͚͎̗̼͙͇̜͕̜̞̯͚̩̯̦͙̠͉̼͇̲͍̱̦͇̫͓̩̩̦̞̦̩͇̣̪̻̩̞̠͈̩̬̯͓͙͇̹͍̬͉̣͎͉͚̠̲͉̭͇͎̖̱̳͎̝̗̠͙̺̫̥͙͕͇̺̥͉̻̯̤̭̜̥͍͖̤̘͇̝̭̲̤͖̠̖̤̞̯͈͖̟̞̲̜͓̭͓̲̗̝͖̬͙̠̤̟̩̙̳̙̑̄͌̾̄̅̍̽̀͊̐̒͛̌̆̋́̔̃͊̾͌̎͒̾́̑̿̔̀͑̇̑̇̋̆͑̇̊̆̃̋̐̈́̈́̽̅͐̊́̈͒̐̅͛̾͑͋̂̿̊̈́̆̋̈́͌͒̉̏͂̊͊́̊̈́̔̓̓̌̄͑̑͑̈́̑̾͛̽̈́͌̽̓̈̇̓̔̂̀̑͌̈́͆̾̽̈́̎̔̌͐̌̋͊̄̌̀͋̏͑̓̓̅͆̾̊̽̎͒͒́̀͊̈́͒̒͂͑̾̂̀͋̎͊͑̐͛̋̄̌́̊̋̊̾́̊̓͑͂̊̀̋͌̓̏́̍̊͐̐̏̏͆̓͊̇̀̀̏̏̋̄̓̀̍̒̎̽͆̍̒́̑̆̅͂̂̓͗̓̈́̇͗̋͗̔̓̈̀͂̎̀̾͌͋̆̑̔̌̾͌̂̐͐̃̒̇͌̏̓̇̇̊͘̕̕̚̕͘̚͘̕̕̚͘͘̚̕͘̚͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅn̷̡̡̢̢̨̨̡̢̨̨̨̧̨̧̧̢̨̨̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͓͙̜̮̤͔͔̘̗̥͎͚̻̟̳͎̥͉͍̰̠͔̲͉̰̘̝͚̙͇̼̦̰͇̙͇͉̥͈̜̰͓̫̰̳̰͖̼̥̩̜̣̞͔̰̞̫͍̠̬͓̖̮̺̮̮̝̘̱̼͈͙͓̪̫̱͉͍͕̭͇̗͕̺̯̞͚̺̞͉͖̗͖̟̞̞͔̺̫̲̪̣̦̘͍̲̮͖̼̗̣̤̤̳̺̭̖̯͎̣̺̳̲̭̪̱̤̲̖͖̱̗͖̻̳̪̺̬̣̼̫̼̹͙̩̩̮͙̙̞͙̙̜̙̗̟̞͈̫͎̱̳̜̟̥̲͓͓̤͚͙̫̼̟̣̟̲̅̉͒͂̋̓͌͛̆̇͒͋̓̿́͗̾̒̆̇̒̅̇͋̀̈͗͐̈̇̓̾͂́̿̆̊̄̐̔̎́̋̐̆̀̓́̀̎́̈́̽̿̑̉̈́͌͗̀͌͗̅̅́́̌̀̌̌̾̄͂̌͒̏̅͋̔͋́͌͆̎̇̓͊͐̈́̎̀̍̿͛̿̀̽̔̀͊̑̅̅͛̈́̑̐̆͊̅̓̋̀͆̿͂̓̓̏̊̈́͋͆̾̍̅̋̔̒̃̊̌̑͆͂͋͂̿̇̋̏͌̌̃̀̆͑̽͂̃̊͂̿̈̈́̔͂̎͂̅̈́̃͌̀̋͌̃̏̂͛͛̉̓͌͑͗͛̔̃͑͛̎̄͑̔̉͗́̑͒̅̒̀̈́͆͋͊̏̾̌̈́̀̾̒̈́͂͆̇̈̐̆̈́͘̕̚̕̕̕̚̕̕̚͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅṫ̶̨̡̧̢̢̢̨̨̨̡̨̢̡̧̧̡̡̨̨̡̡̧̧̢̛̛̛̛̝̯̻̙̫̟͇̻̜̹͎̝͙̖̹̹̟̯͔̖̭͇̲̖͕̲͎̯̼̣̹͉͔̞͙͙͉̜͇̲̰͚̪̯̟͎̜̮͈͉̱͕̹̲̯̤̗̣͉̩͇̫͓̭̹̯̼̞͙̹͇̫̟̳̗͙͓̗̟̱̹̮̲͕͓̭̫͓͇̰̙̖̺͍̰̩̱̻͙̬̜͎͕̠̩͇̙̯̜̯̬͕̠͎̝͖͍̮̣̼̯͎̦̤͍͖͎̦̣̰͉̺̣̰̜̳͍̝̦̳̩̹̻͈̯̬̠͕̫̭͎͙̹͔̺͉̯̣͔̥̾͒̄̌̂̒̓́̅̉̍́̿͑̑̆̊̓͋̎̄̔͗̉̐̈́̀͐̄̇̆͋̊́͋̈́̐̑̒̔̔́̃͌̈́̊̇̈́́̔̈́̇̂̆̈́͆̂̀͋̅͑̓͛̂͛̀͆̈́̀̈́͗̀̌̑̈̐̆͊̌́̂̈́̍̏̈́̇͑͊̏͆͂̃̉̔̉̇̀̀̽̊̓̍͋̀̉̋̀̏͌͑̋̊͋̇̃͆͛̃̐̒͌̌͒̿̓̍̈̈́̽̈́̾͆̾̓̀̾̿̅̈́̓͋͂͋͋̆͌̄̀̀̆͋̈́̑̈́̎͌̐̈́̀͘̚̚͘͘͘̚̕̚̕̕̚̕͘͘͘̚͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅą̷̢̨̧̨̡̧̛̛̛̛̞̰͚͖͓̲͈̣̦͉̗̤̖̞̣̮̻̤̳̟͚̖̖̹̖͎̙̯̲͎̘̼̱͙͕̹̘̙̭̩̗̘̙̪͕͈͔̭̜̳̱̦̘̗̠̣̠̰̝̹͖̫̣̟̓̋̈́̇̓̅́̈́̈́̓͋͌̓͒̌͂̈̈́̃̾͌̊̔̓̿̉͐̑͑̂̇͂̏́̌̋͂̿͛̾͋̌̌̾̽͊̆̆̆́̅̔̎̆̐̽̄͆́̉̈́̐̑̆̽̇́͛͌̂̽̈́͑̾̍̔̓́̆̐͂̀̃̽̀͐͗̎̈́̂̀̀̾̂̓̎̃̊͛̂̑̓́̃̓̈́̋̀̑̈͗̑͑̐͊̀̽̑̇̈̊͂̈́̿͂͗̿̾͂̉̒̈̄̈̃͋̊̌̉̅̀̉̓̓̂́̎̾͑̑̆̓̉̄̌̐̊͂͒͐̀͂̓̏͗͒̑̈̆̆͊͂͐͌̉̎̋́̀̎̎̇̽͑̈́͆̈́̏̆͗̾̚̚̚̕͘̕̚̚̚̕̕̕̕̕̕͘͜͜͜͠͝͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅļ̵̛̛̠̝̗͍͓̣̤͙̥̯̳͚͍̞̠̻̰̥͉͚̫͉̈̓̒̅͐͗̈̒̊̆̐̑̀̀̀̐̊̈́͋̆̀̔̓͌̓͒̅͂͑͐̀̊͘̚͘̕̕͜͝͝͝͠ͅ ̷̧̢̢̡̢̧̧̨̯̩͕̹̪̳͙̰͈̺̼͕̼͍̜̪̗͉̙̞͍͔͇̭̹̫̼̜̳̱̝̯̼͚͙̗̤͔͓̼̘͕̹̳̖͕̗͇̜͚̗̮̮̞͓̣͎͙̦̲̲͎̫̲̺̙̻͍̜̰͖̝̹̮̯̹̠͇̾̎̿̅͗̐̎̉͋̋͒̓͂̇͗̀̓̋̄̌̿̂͋̏̃̐̽̽͆̈͑̅̈̋̔̂̀̊̍͂́͋͗͘̕̚͜͜͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅp̴̧̡̨̧̧̢̢̧̢̡̡̡̧̡̢̨̨̛̛̛̛̛̛͇̻̖͖̦̹͕̜̬̖̯͎̪͕̳̙̠̱̻͙̝̼̜̝͓̪̗̖̼̜̰̪͈͕̟͕̝̫̜̗̩̦̱̯͚̜͍̯̺̦͍̬̪̲͖̮͎̲̳̫̫͎̘͔̗̰̖͚̙͚̘̙̥̬͕͕͚̲͎̹͇̦̤̬̹̮̗̰͇͔̖͚̝͎̩̭̙͇̦̭̦̱̝͍͉̪͎͈͎̠̞͉̖̹̠̗̻͍̲̜̲̳̺̫͙̮̟̪̰̤͙̝͈̮̹͇͈̗͖̪̼̮͈͛̔͆͛͐́̃̄̋̏́̐̓̋̈́̈́̾̔̔̇̓͒̓̍̈͛̍̎͋̓͋̓̽̓̾̆̋͒́͋̓̍̌̽̒̂̾̌̈́̇̉̇̓̌̈̑̎̍͛̊̓͋͂̐̓̐͌̍̅̓̂̃͛̾͒́̈́͌̈́͑̍̋̌͑̄̿̈́̌̍͗̓̈́̓̆̾̈́͐͆̒͂͑̆̈͌̎̽̂̀̔͗̽̔͂́̈̀̈̓͂́̍̒̔́̕̚͘͘͘͘̕̚̚͘͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝ͅͅa̵̡̧̡̨̧̡̛͇̰̠̼̲͚̰̻͓͈͚̺͓͇̲͖̳̘̲̹̩͚͙̥͎̦͓̤̪͔̫̫̹̪͓̘̼̻͈̱͚̱̖̺͎̝̫̝̝̯̹̯̹͎̖̣̝͉̼̯̰̬̔̽̈̆̀̈́̑͑͒̿͒̂̀͗̋͋̓̀̿̽͒͌̊̀̈́̃̀̕̚͘̚͜͜͜͠ͅͅȑ̴̡̢̧̧̢̧̢̧̨̨̢̨͎̗̮̯͎̣̟͓̜͖͉̖̻̳̺̞͙̦̫̼̲͚̙͇̭͇̙̱̣͎̻̳̰̻̜̲̥̼̮̬͔̟͕̼̘͍̝͖̼̲͇̝̳̜͙͙̗͚̦͈̭̻͇͔̖̯͓͇̹̗̥̘̩͔̘͓̙̰͓̯̹̭̳͕͍͇̝̥̳̱̺͎̤̬̹͇̰̩̫̜̲̺͉̙̝̯̗͓̘͙͕̌́̊̿́̽͑͊̎̈́̈̓̇̃̀̒̿̎̂̑̾̉͗̃̅̈̋̀̒̀̏́͆̎̄̈́̚͜͜͝͝ͅͅk̸̛̛̲͕͉̝͉͔̘̫̲̹̩̫̥̺̯̥͓̿͒͂̐̌̓̓͒̏̃̔̌̽̇̀̑̍̐̇̎̓̀́͆̒́̍̋͊̅͐̈́̑́̾̊̍́̓̔̅̅̈́͑͒͒̿̒͂̍͋̏͒̀́̀̆̌́͐͋̐͆́͛͊͐̃͌͂̐͛̾͗͂̍͐̓͗̔̿̆̋̀͗͋̋̒͛̂́͒̀̔̐̽͌̾́̍͐̕͘̚̕̚̕̕͘̕͜͝͝͠͝͠͝͠͝͠͠

  • rishi dhingra
    rishi dhingraMánuði síðan

    Purple 💜 team grey

  • Brett Hulburt
    Brett HulburtMánuði síðan

    You should do stunt driving battle 2

  • MacKenzie McDonald
    MacKenzie McDonaldMánuði síðan

    you guys are the only people who i know who would do this

  • Cody Johnson
    Cody JohnsonMánuði síðan

    mariokart irl be like: 5:30

  • OR - 04LB 833983 Westacres PS
    OR - 04LB 833983 Westacres PSMánuði síðan

    Cool 😎

  • yhrfse cvpol
    yhrfse cvpolMánuði síðan

    The luxuriant match laparoscopically record because sprout whitely paddle forenenst a hushed larch. puny, capricious freckle

  • NHL 14 Gleaves
    NHL 14 GleavesMánuði síðan


  • Jonathan Bowers
    Jonathan BowersMánuði síðan

    Takumi would be proud.