The Most Powerful Black Holes in the Universe 4k

The study of extreme physics brought us the bomb. It has taken us inside the violent death of a star. Now, it has brought us face to face with the most destructive force in Nature: a supermassive black hole. How large, how powerful, can these monsters get? What can they tell us about the extremes of time and space?


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    Makes me think all thus black holes run in each other one day . And there be one massive black hole . Makes me think may big bang happen again .

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    how universe create? lol

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    what if it happens when the earth will be sucked up

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    Although I don't believe any of this garbage since nobody has been able to go out there or near one I still find it interesting

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    When the world needed them most, they vanish

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    Oh the human species, so arrogant and ignorant. We don’t have all the answers and never will and that’s okay. We’re an insignificant piece of microscopic dust, just one species surrounded by a natural world with natural or nonhuman animals, life that is essential to the survival of the planet. We’re not. Yet our ego is driving the sixth mass extinction. Our planet is tiny in a small solar system in a small galaxy one of gazillion in a vast universe, maybe one of many other universes in multiverse. It’s best to look at the big picture and realize what’s important. Compassion towards natural life. If we can look at the at all this, we can realize, we’re not in control of anything. Peace.

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    how do I get there by curiainous on what roads do i take in travel. what the distance from my close as possible driving time. some folks say or tell me or if ihear without this hearing in funcktion i sometimes do get.but if i am hear correct the earth is not round but flat. i want to know what is the name of road wear i can take to find this black masshole.that not black mass b ut some black mashole black stuff matters from that i know cause everyone's saying so

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    How do we know?

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    I thought this was going to be a video about Serena Williams.

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    We do not know - for certain - what a blackhole does or is inside. Someone once asked: who's to tell we are NOT already inside a blackhole without even knowing about it?. At best, what we can do is to come up with educated guesses.

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    No wonder an angel once said to Jacob I believe it was(why do you ask my Name when it is a wonderful One) everything jehovah does is WONDERFUL

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    The emulsify of space the beauty the depth and distance mankind has been able to succeed in time reminds one of Ol king David's ears as he looked with the naked eye into space. Oh jehovah when I see what you have done what is mere man that you should ever think of man. Humbling expirence today when we look at such fantastic extreme physics put together by our God for us as his children to love and HONOR such a wonderful father amen we all must 👍 agree

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    My sime mind should fear such glory but instead I say thank you papa father I love you for allowing me to hear smell taste and see You are GREAT

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    I dont believe in black holes. I think they are super dense planets made mostly of metals creating a gravity so strong that light cant escape them giving the "Illusion" of a hole.

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    James web telescope. Spots earth 2.0 i hope so

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    This video explaind Black hole from scratch

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    Remember to skip to 5 seconds before the end of the video and let it play to take out the adds so you can really enjoy it

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    4:21 That just ain't right. Have some respect

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    Theorists, they are the beasts of Science. I stopped believe in this nonsense when I've read the many and many evidences that tells something different. Science should follow the scientific method, and start from observations, not making math models first. Especially for things so distant like the objects in the universe. In the last years, dozens of scientific evidences tells that black holes can't exist, or that if they exist are a lot different than what mathematicians have predicted with their models. Dark matter, dark energy, big bang. All the magic ideas in the next years will be destroyed by a serious Science, that does not work on the blackboard but on the data coming from probes and observations. I bet any of you to show me a real photo of a black hole, or tells me how the dark matter is done. Decades of observations, billions of dollars in experiments and no way to show any evidence of them. Uh, by the way, the M87 black hole photo is a fake. According to the currently accepted hypothesis (look, it's an hypothesis, not a theory), a star that is so close to a black hole should be affected by the event horizon effect. This means that the portion of the star closest to the black hole should rotate more and more slowly, while its outermost portion should rotate more rapidly (compared to the closest one). Basically, you should have an elongation of the star with a noticeable trail with a strong distortion effect. I don't see any such effect in the image that justifies there is a black hole in the middle, even in case there were more stars close to the black hole. Then you will ask me: and what could be if it's not a black hole? It could be also a plasmoid, that should also be similar to the effects that happened during some tests made in the 70s in some experiments. Or even something other. The fact that you have only one idea of what the hell that thing is, it's against the intellectual honesty to still defend it when it's bombed by many evidences that tells something very different.

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    @Joe Marino you sound like a ten year old so I'm talking to you like one.

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    @Madoc _ Dust? Should the dust act like a star by emitting light?. Apart from the nonsense idea of the dust (in case, man, it's plasma, not surely dust!), you should use your knowledge (if you have enough of it) of how the black hole should work and try to figure out if what that photo shows is matching it. Look, the math says that the matter, THE TIME AND THE SPACE will be streteched and TURN around a black hole. What I see there in the photo is only an accumulation of plasma around a black space region. Anything it is, it's not a black hole. It's much more similar to a plasmoid. If you don't know how a plasmoid may act, please read scientific articles who talk about it.

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    The photo of the black hole shows the dust not a star

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    The best black hole documentary I have ever seen.

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    This video feels like something that i use to watch on Discovery and Natgeo back in the day.

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    Black Holes are nothing but a theory and have not been proven to exist. Just figments of astronomer's imaginations.

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    I Can see all horror movies in the world without getting freaked out 😂 but videos about the universe, black holes 🕳 and other things out in space scares me 😱 but it’s fascinating 🧐

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    I am at the center of my universe and I have mind over matter cause if I don't mind it don't matter

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    Stupid are you who believe in darwin big bang theory, as of now there is no scientific fact it is a theory.

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    if there is a black hole 60 billion times the mass of the sun, is there a known galaxy smaller in mass?

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    I don't know about the whole spaghetti fication process bull And since there's no way to test this ridiculous sounding theory I don't think that that should be written into fact on this ridiculous notion I mean the soaring temperatures could vaporize you But the way they described it sounds ridiculous without evidence

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    Packing mount Everest into a sugar cube I feel like if it's even possible enough to get close to such an anomaly it would kill you if you did Feel like something like this would have a barrier force that would never touch solid mass and it probably my plow straight through the planet due to its density.

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    Yes I've just watched this and still ain't got not even one hair on a fleas arse closer to understanding that the mass of a black hole is the same as Mount Everest squeezed to a sugar cube, am I missing something?

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    Maybe... natural phenomenon "creates" life out of "nothing "?

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    The biggest black hole in the universe in the American woman's heart.

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    Lets be REALLY serious for a minute please, Is space filled with a fabric OR a vacuum, no more hypocrisy saying it can be both. The double slit experiment and the Theory of EVERYTHING has been solved with a simple inequality that is summed up in 4 sentences and one equation that proves ENERGY IS CREATED all the time, just like the interference pattern suggested! Which means every accepted FACT in an energetically static model of physics needs to be looked at again, the inequality cannot be disputed only ignored, ignore it at your peril. The FACTS show our sun is a white hole CREATING it's own energy and matter, it periodically goes micro nova as it grows and one day will go supernova. The evidence shows it goes micronova every 12,000 years as we pass through spacetime contraction in the oncoming tidal waves of the galactic strands which forces built up energy out in a flash just like happens in atomic clocks. The last one that wiped out the woolly mammoths, sabre tooth tigers and Neanderthals was about 12,000 years ago, the event is preceded by the Earth beginning to lose it's magnetosphere as the intergalactic dust moving with the wave hits and weakens it, that has begun. There has also been a surge in volcanic activity as Earth is squeezed with this contraction of spacetime forcing built up energy outwards. Physicists can either continue with the failed models that do not hold water and joking around or face the facts and start! doubleslitsolution dot weebly dot com/springtimetheory dot html

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    I think this is racist and pornographic. They need to change the name of them.

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    The Hubble telescope discovert a traveling colonie surrounding a planet with spaceships......they were looking at the telescope from a distance away leaving it alone.......

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    would you understand the speed of death ? human death ? probably think of timetravelling but is it.

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    black holes only become powerfull once we can make use if it in reality instead of assumptions.

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    Jangan pergi jauh2 semuaa yaa sampai ke tempat bukan tempat kita.penyakit banyak yang kalian bawak pulang.ingatt yaaa

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    Kamu ngomong aku dengar tapu aku ngak ikut yaaa.memang ngak bisaa.apakah ada nyata belom tentu.tapi Bumi sudah pasti.Matahari nampak dari sini.aku percaya mata dan hati nurani aku ajaa.mau yang gede2an aku ngak nampak dan ngak.mau peduli.bukan urusan akuu yaaa

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    If the Big Bang remnants at 13.4 billion light years away, emit radiation, that radiation will move away from the object at the speed of light and a shell forms after a billion years, 2 billion light years in diameter around the object, but that shell moves. with the object as it moves, at a speed of 97.5% of the speed of light and that radiation will come our way at 2.5% of the speed of light, and if that radiation reaches us, the object itself would be 40 times more distant than that 13.4 billion light years away and would now be 536 billion light years away. You might think so if you take Hubble's constant and assume that this object, 13.4 billion years ago, when it emitted the radiation that we can now observe and also 13.4 billion light years away was standing. If it is now claimed that it just came towards us at the speed of light, that is only possible if we are in a stable universe and we are not in an expanding universe, then this assumption could be explained and we should forget that the redshift means that those objects are moving away and the redshift is caused by the shrinking of our atoms, which also makes it immediately clear how the big bang can still accelerate, then you may wonder whether that is the case with the Hubble constant in agreement and the shrinkage curve would be influenced by structures in our atoms, which can be seen in redshift bands. Then our atoms would have halved in diameter in nearly 7 billion years, then the Earth would have to meet the Hubble constant, where the distances to other celestial bodies seem to be increasing, where the shrinking light underlies the Moon. moving away from Earth by 2 cm per year, that has been known for a while, but the tidal movements were considered responsible for this, the Sun would move away from Earth 10 meters per year and could possibly explain that we have ice ages, that 10 meters per year is 10 million kilometers in a billion years and we are now at 150,000,000 kilometers.

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    Jesus you must feel relieved having unloaded that huge shit ...

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    I want to be the first man on MARS...I feel I live for this reason and is my biggest dream 😍

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    Great movie! Thank you! I just have two questions to address 1. Where did the first gravity forces came from to collect hydrogen into the stars after big bang? 2. Then what makes us confident that expansion of space we see now is the whole true universe and not just the result of one of the massive black hole explosions which we call big bang and created our local area we call universe?

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    LOL Nice computer program on this video. To bad they have never seen or found a black hole!

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    I tried my best to compress the words and sentences ,and ignore things in between the thoughts and let the intelligence of the reader fill these gaps so we don't need to mention things twice. We need to distinguish between matter/energy level (where humans live ) and subatomic level where everything happening .The classic physics in matter/energy level cannot be applied on subatomic level, our observation is a reflection to what is happening on subatomic level including time ,for example, what we experience it as heat is actually atoms vibrating on subatomic level, and what we see it shinning is actually photons created and ejected from an object undergoing transformation on subatomic level. The whole universe works on subatomic level, The universe does not see sun ,earth , planets , trees and buildings. It sees concentration of particles that form these objects, and with particles it deals, any term in physics associated with matter/energy is meaningless or does not exist on quantum level including (mass,force,time,energy,...etc) so in this case any physical laws that include these terms does not apply on quantum level. We need to find the aspects that play role and the physical laws that govern them on inertia scale ,and they are thousands if not millions, the mathematical equations are few kilometers long,you call uber to correct something at the other side of it. We can understand quantum physic better if we use the term (behavior of particles of the universe) , there are nothing such as particles, there are only particles of the universe and the universe forces particles to behave on a certain way in certain conditions and one of these behaviors is gravity, gravity is behavior of particles, dark matter is behavior of particles , Why Oxygen is a gas and iron is solid metal is behavior of particles , Why photons penetrate glass and reflected on other media is behaviors of particles ,any chemical process or reaction is behavior of particles. Why some elements mix with each other and some not is behaviours of particles, Movement in space is behavior of particles, the electrical charge (- and +) are behavior of particles (so they are not properties of particles),double slit experiment is behavior of particles, the Gyroscope is behavior of particles, the speed of light is behavior of particles, and ALL fundamental forces humans know are actually behavior of particles ,particles change their behavior accordingly with the circumstances surrounding them The existence of black holes is still to be investigated ,but for the moment let's assume there is black hole in the center of each galaxy, the galactical behavior is totally different than the behavior of mass on smaller scale like planets orbiting stars and solar systems which controlled by what we know as gravity ,on galactical scale it is totally different (no matter if they are close or far from the center of the galaxy) , where the stars far from the center of the galaxy orbit faster than the stars close to the center of the galaxy ,The only explanation for this is that the behavior of particles is a function of distance (or space) let's take 2 magnets north and south and put them close to each other ,their particles will change behavior and pull each other and if we move them away from each other their particles behavior start to change, and the attraction force starts to weaken so space in fact change the behaviors of particles, the same applies for matter that circle the galaxy ,the space is much greater of matter in galaxies than space between the mass on solar systems ,that is why particles on galactical level behave differently. This was explained by scientists by the effect of dark matter So for all what mentioned above the origin of the universe was not the big bang but when particles started to get their properties and behaviors and atoms started to bond together and take shape to form matter and its companion energy ,the universe was different to what we see now ,The properties and behaviours of particle are ever changing ,and continue to do so for ever. Entropy is a good example for this. The issue with big bang theory is that it turned many aspects of the universe to constants, and we know very well that nothing in the universe is constant everything is changing all the time (including properties and behaviors of particles ) and everything is moving in space, and nothing is stand still. We have expansion of the universe and we have a big bang ,we just need to fill the gap between them and we have a theory of creation. The behaviors of particles in your body is reacting to ,the particles surrounding them ,the particles of the planet you are on, the particles of the solar system your planet in, the particles of galaxy your solar system part of, and particles of all galaxies in the universe, particles have multy behaviors at the same time. So if we remove all galaxies in the universe ,and only remain you and the most distance galaxy then the particles of your body will behave according with this galaxy. The change in properties and behaviors of particles over de course of time was not equal or at the same rate everywhere in the universe, some regions didn't develop matter yet or developed to different properties We can say that vacuum is existence, or part of existence ,and what applies on everything exists in the universe applies also on vacuum, but humans observe vacuum from their perspective in matter/energy level , if we want to know and identify vacuum from perspective of quantum level then it will be something totally different ,if we say vacuum is absence of particles (and I mean everything we call particle, even fundamental particles) then still vacuum is influenced by the same aspects of the universe that influent all particles and give particles their properties and behaviors, so vacuum in a way or another does carry the properties and behavior by the influence of the aspects of the universe and because vacuum fill the gap between particles (at least what we know till now) then vacuum play major role in "communication" between the aspects of the universe and particle. was the early universe only vacuum ,then particles started to emerge? Humans are limited to their senses and brain ability and accuracy of their equipment's so there are lot of aspects in the universe human cannot interact with for example multi dimensions so it will take some time to know what vacuum consist of and its behaviors and properties So any thing happening around us could be and must be explained on behavior of particles on subatomic level,the big masses matter on any size are eventually composite of particles..and the behaviour of their particles gives the big masses their behaviors and actions in space It is certain that all particles have no mass,mass only starts to build when atoms start to bond and make matter ,so anything more that 2 atoms have mass..mass is something associated with matter/energy level ,it is nonsens that some think that the mass of big bodies is the summation of the masses of its particles , Where are the boundaries?,when we are going to apply the quantum physics rules and when we are going to apply classical physics,explanning this is very long task ,but there is one principle here is that the formation of atoms from Hydrogen till atoms of heavy element all subject to quantum level and mainly ruled by behaviours of particles any thing comes after is subject for matter/energy level still we need to take into account that the bonds between atoms of the same elment,or the bonds between atoms of different elements are directly concidered as behaviours of particles,if we understand this it will lead us to know how all elements and anything matter or energy formed and have its own charastaristices and properties and their transformation froma stat to another and from sort element to another by fusion ,decay ,radiation or what ever process . Are life and biological realm a product or a consequence of behaviour of particles on subatomic level ,the answer is yes,The ingredients in humans body or any living body even small tiny single cell creatures are all made from the same elements that every thing in the universe is made off,the difference is that they have life,or what we call it life. So what kind and what percentage of each element available on a planet that have the right environment to support life would create what kind of biological world..? We see this very clear on differences between plants ,animals,humans and the biological world as a whole on each continent on earth it self,and it is an example how behaviours of particles follow a certain path when it goes higher in complexity level.

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    One of Anton Petrov's videos "at least one extinction period was caused by a supernova" from 7 months ago illustrates another reason why it is so important people start getting serious and listen to the muon violations and the new physics with the mathematics that work. That supernova was from our sun, the current model of life cycles in suns is completely wrong, the interference pattern on the back wall in the double slit experiment and the inequality that solves it shows that energy is created all the time. Our sun like all stars generates it's own energy from particles acting like monopoles at it's core propagating energy at the rate of 1:26.t at each quantum particle, so it grows through cycles of glow, luminosity, saturation and explosion as a supernova...., glow, luminosity...... as a supernova until finally becoming a black hole, yes our sun!!!, if the current neutral H is close to saturation and ready to explode in the next supernova we need to be aware and take steps to prepare as best we can. That is just one more reason added to why everyone must take the new physics very very seriously and let go of the big bang and other dogma like the SMOPP that the vacuum catastrophe and the muon violations show are incorrect, no matter how sure they seem the math ultimately says no they are wrong and they are, I have the model that works

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    I wonder if science can find away to hook on to those super fast flowing jets of energy to boost speed in space travel. Like when marine life rides a current to where it wants to go.

  • Hunter Bernier
    Hunter BernierMánuði síðan

    It says the strongest black hole in our galaxy I'm pretty sure there is a black hole in the center of our galaxy in fact there is a black hole inside of every Galaxy

  • Not You
    Not YouMánuði síðan

    "Alledged" black hole. No one seen one yet and the math is sketchy at best.

  • Rabbit Hole Adventures
    Rabbit Hole AdventuresMánuði síðan

    A black hole is the beginning of the wormhole through space and time. A white hole is where the wormhole through space and time ends. Look up "White Holes" if you'd like to learn a li'l sump'm sump'm extra you probably never heard of before.

  • Ground Hog
    Ground HogMánuði síðan

    A blackhole only exist when someone travel through time. Blackhole work is to delete traces,information and codes of someone who travels through times, in short blackhole would suck all particles through the path where a person who travel in time left its traces. It eliminated open dimensions and time spaces of someone who travel through time that make them stuck in the time they traveled wether it is past or future. Blackhole only vanishes when the holocaust is done and ensures that the timeline is still intact. Time travellers who are stuck in the time being will claim they are time travellers and tell everyone they know everything and what will happen next to your present timeline because they knew their time is short and they are just waiting to be suck by the vacuum of homeostasis where their existence is nowhere to be found. !!ALWAYS REMEMBER TIME TRAVELING IS PROHIBITED BY THE GODS SINCE DAY1!!

  • Alia Vick
    Alia VickMánuði síðan

    I'd rather break a leg than falling in a black hole ( ○▪︎○)

  • Alia Vick
    Alia VickMánuði síðan

    Well idk