Thrill Seekers 1999 - The Time Shifters

A reporter, learning of time travelers visiting 20th century disasters, tries to change the history they know by averting upcoming disasters.

To my Dad, Nabil


  • Mista Fozz
    Mista Fozz14 dögum síðan

    Not seen this for years and only have I realised the ever so gorgeous Catherine Bell is in this

  • Bill Blog
    Bill BlogMánuði síðan

    Why do people in films always get up close when holding people at gun point? That's the point of a gun you don't need to get up close and personal, you stand a safe distance away and tell them to get on the floor then do what you came to do. Lazy writing I guess

  • Bill Blog
    Bill BlogMánuði síðan

    That's death from supernatural

  • Jon Hart
    Jon Hart2 mánuðum síðan

    Why didnt he take the Thrill Seeker's brochure on the plane as evidence?🤔🤔🤔

  • Kennedy Rice
    Kennedy Rice3 mánuðum síðan

    I loved this movie as a kid and for the LIFE of me could not remember what it was called until today. Had to Google “Copps Coliseum in movies” to find it. 😂🤣

  • Nicholas Bonelli
    Nicholas Bonelli3 mánuðum síðan

    Yeah mint seen it many times. Next

  • Nicholas Bonelli
    Nicholas Bonelli3 mánuðum síðan

    Yeah mint seen it many times

  • Jon Hart
    Jon Hart3 mánuðum síðan

    Should have sent a model T-1000 back.

  • Toshiba7x64
    Toshiba7x645 mánuðum síðan

    Thank you!!!

  • Road Dog
    Road Dog5 mánuðum síðan

    A classic despite the high school level acting.

  • Sandra Wilson
    Sandra Wilson8 mánuðum síðan

    All I can say is WOW!!!.loved the movie nd loved Casper the "Ken Doll" according to his bio.

  • Numh
    Numh8 mánuðum síðan

    So in the future we can go back to see people die huh

  • Mustafa Ercelik
    Mustafa Ercelik8 mánuðum síðan

    I watched this movie when I was 7 or 8 and I saw the device looks like an iPad. I remember that I thought “omg we couldn’t see this tech but our grandchildren would have this device.”. Now, I’m 28 and I’m writing this comment by my iPad :) technology and sci-fic move together :)

  • Joshua Brunken
    Joshua Brunken9 mánuðum síðan

    the actress who played Cortez died in 2016 from health issues.

  • Core Turkoane

    Core Turkoane

    3 mánuðum síðan

    I know, RIP

  • son sam
    son sam11 mánuðum síðan

    good movie!!!

  • ギガハライ
    ギガハライ11 mánuðum síðan


  • Robert Dowling
    Robert DowlingÁri síðan

    Gets you thinking time travel.hitler was a difficult birth the doctor worked all night to deliver the child ! This doctor was Jewish !! Could you tell him the ramifications for the world and his race ? What would he do in response ? Would Destiny change by a action of one individual and the influence of a time traveller, I believe all that comes to us has reason and purpose however destructive or beautiful it may seem at a given moment, Many years ago while pondering on matters of time and events I heard this in my head ,,,, no body slippes on a banana skin by accident

  • Lucky Smith
    Lucky SmithÁri síðan

    BEAUTIFUL 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🇯🇲

  • Omar Os
    Omar OsÁri síðan

    One of my favorite childhood movies! And I wish they remaster it in BluRay :( 💔

  • Anabel Salinas
    Anabel SalinasÁri síðan

    I bought this movie at wal mart for $1. Back in maybe 2008.

  • rey gentiles
    rey gentilesÁri síðan

    Very nice 👍😊

  • D K
    D KÁri síðan

    수학여행 때 보다가 학교 도착해서 다 못본 기억이..20년만에 이걸 찾았네 ㅋ

  • Alejandro
    AlejandroÁri síðan

    En castellano x favorrr!!!!

  • Numh


    3 mánuðum síðan

    yo la tengo en español

  • Jess Frankel
    Jess FrankelÁri síðan

    Not bad at all. Casper van Dien is a wooden actor, but here he was okay, and the story was interesting enough to stick with it 'til the end. Pretty decent flick.

  • Ahmed Elabd
    Ahmed ElabdÁri síðan

    فين العرب اللى هنا

  • DarkLordDiablos
    DarkLordDiablosÁri síðan

    When Agents become as set in their ways as the FBI guy does here, it's time for them to be moved to a supervisory position so their experience and knowledge can be used but they aren't involved in active investigations.

  • Core Turkoane

    Core Turkoane

    3 mánuðum síðan

    very well said, i agree.

  • Paw Printz
    Paw PrintzÁri síðan

    Thank you for this upload, I love this movie 😆

  • aagudeloh
    aagudelohÁri síðan

    I see a lot of Matrix material here

  • Milton Ernesto Vergaray Valencia
    Milton Ernesto Vergaray ValenciaÁri síðan

    Años buscando esta peli

  • duck dad
    duck dadÁri síðan

    Snape did have a time turner lol but I love this film just came across it while channel hopping on sky years ago gthanks for the upload

  • michael mangine
    michael mangineÁri síðan

    That was a good science fiction movie considering it was made for tv from 20 years ago!

  • drumsport
    drumsport2 árum síðan

    This movie presents a fantastic premise, i.e. travel agencies in the future will have the ability to provide time travel. Too bad Stephen King didn't get the script, work some of his magic, and make it into a bigger production for movie theater release. It could be something special expounded upon. Heck, it could be a television series with it's unlimited time travel possibilities. Episodes could be docile like traveling back and visiting the neighborhood you grew up in, or being dropped into D-Day, with no dire consequences of course.

  • Jess Frankel

    Jess Frankel

    Ári síðan

    They already did that with The Time Tunnel in the 1960's. It was a fun show, but they really didn't explore time paradoxes in depth.

  • ro
    ro2 árum síðan


  • marco thommen
    marco thommen2 árum síðan

    Is Martin Sheen in that movie as a reference to "The Final Countdown"?

  • Март Author
    Март Author2 árum síðan

    Catherine Lisa Bell is superb

  • Asho Angel
    Asho Angel2 árum síðan

    Been years looking for the name of this movie and even better to find and watch it again...thanks dude blast from the fuckin past

  • フリーたかちゃん
    フリーたかちゃん2 árum síðan

    Nice story!

  • Morgan Olfursson
    Morgan Olfursson3 árum síðan

    There are a lot of nerds here explaining why and how there are some mistakes in the scenario , but personally what i find the most illogical and could have been avoided so easily with the right casting agent , is how come a masterpiece of a human being , a Norse God like Casper would have ended up fathering such an ugly kid ? THAT is not plausible , not with his DNA .

  • Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson

    3 árum síðan

    Well, i did modeling throughout the 90s for Gaultier, Paco Rabanne , Issey Miyake, Chanel , Yves St Laurent, Dior , Kenzo, Dolce, and Westwood , so i am fine with my face really and the rest of my body as well, thank you very much . As a matter of fact , i did modelling (after being scouted) to put myself through med school and i am now a veterinarian, and i find monkeys to absolutely beautiful creatures . Good day to you Albert .

  • RonLarhz
    RonLarhz3 árum síðan

    Is there a sequel???

  • reactiontoaction


    2 árum síðan

    RonLarhz I'm sure there's no sequel. It's Funny. I spent almost two decades trying to get a copy of This one and yesterday I found out that it's available right here. I did my research and there's a similar title, but no connection between them.

  • josefvdc11
    josefvdc113 árum síðan

    been looking for this movie for a long time. loved this movie when i was a kid. a good time loop/time travel movie in my opinion.

  • Justme&win 2018

    Justme&win 2018

    Ári síðan


  • RonLarhz


    3 árum síðan

    josefvdc11 Not really a time loop.

  • R6 IQ Main
    R6 IQ Main3 árum síðan

    2000 was a good year for movies in my childhood when I was a kid Deep Blue Sea ,Fetal Error, Roller coaster ,Thill Seeker,Cash and Tango, Universal Solider, Chill Factor

  • Jon Hart

    Jon Hart

    3 mánuðum síðan

    @Aman Sharma Universal Soldier in 92.

  • Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson

    3 árum síðan

    Bloody hell it makes you feel old when you read something like , my childhood in 2000 . I was over 20 years old .

  • Aman Sharma

    Aman Sharma

    3 árum síðan

    Tango and Cash came out in (1989) just for your information...

  • Hej Hej ddawwa
    Hej Hej ddawwa3 árum síðan

    after 8 years. I've found it

  • Bill Blog

    Bill Blog

    Mánuði síðan

    Took me two minutes to find it. I just googled the premise of the film "time travel films to famous accidents" boom I found it

  • Bene


    4 mánuðum síðan

    @Omar Os Took me about 12 as well. I found it thanks to movie Open range, where the tourists plays small part.

  • Omar Os

    Omar Os

    Ári síðan

    Good job! I found it after 16 years!

    MASAMI .S3 árum síðan

    だ、誰か…字幕…字幕をお願いします。英語勉強しときゃよかった。 TV東京の午後のロードショーに何回かリクエストの電話したけど全然放送してくれないし…。DVDも手に入らないし…。

  • Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson

    3 árum síðan

  • [DA2KHD] Reptor Seven
    [DA2KHD] Reptor Seven3 árum síðan

    One of my favorite time travel B-Movies for years. I have now downloaded the MP4 stream and archived it for permanent download. See on my Pastebin account and public cloud drive on MEGA. This movie may not be in public domain (I'm not sure), although it is non-copyrighted on youtube. So people can re-upload it on youtube safely.

  • House Max
    House Max4 árum síðan

    Italian version? Dvd?

  • reactiontoaction


    2 árum síðan

    House Max There are two DVD versions around but I didn't have the chance to get any.

  • Andre muratalla
    Andre muratalla4 árum síðan

    It would be cool to time travel to see the dinasour and pirets

  • K-Alpha


    Ári síðan

    dennytango that sentence should be structured like: “Here’s a word for you: Dumbass!”

  • dennytango


    2 árum síðan

    @Morgan Olfursson well here is a word for you dumbass

  • Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson

    2 árum síðan

    @dennytango Spelling .... with a capital S , at the beginning of a sentence, and "I" not "i" . You're welcome !

  • dennytango


    2 árum síðan

    @Morgan Olfursson spelling police at it again i see....

  • Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson

    3 árum síðan

    Or to go back to in time to primary school and learn how to spell the words Dinosaurs and Pirates .

  • sainclair1972
    sainclair19724 árum síðan

    like a knowing !

  • Jackswild30
    Jackswild305 árum síðan

    most excellent flick

  • tom wright
    tom wright5 árum síðan


    ANASTASIYA bksi6 árum síðan

    Fantastic outta sight makes u wonder

  • spiritwolfbro
    spiritwolfbro6 árum síðan

    Outstanding movie here.. Also on another note.. if one could go back in time and prevent disasters, genocides, and such, just what would the world be like now?.. Of the millions who died or were murdered what would it be like if they had never died.. and went on to produce offspring?.. suspect that things as we know it would be entirely different..

  • Bill Blog

    Bill Blog

    Mánuði síðan

    There is a thing called the grandfather paradox meaning that if you travelled back in time to stop a disaster then that disaster never happens you wouldn't be compelled to travel back to stop it in the first place. Travel to the future is possible but at a cost to all you know and everyone you love and you can't return.

  • kryer981


    4 árum síðan

    Avoid one disaster, chances are you just create a different one. Disasters are part of life.

  • dmoda


    4 árum síðan

    so that probably means no-one has yet travelled from our future to that past, or may be they traveled & decided to let things be as it was, or perhaps they could only travel but not change anything due to the paradox of time travel, or.... or.... or.....

  • liam whitcombe

    liam whitcombe

    6 árum síðan

    Wish I could go back 70 years. To Scotland, find Tony Blair's father & chop his PECKERNECK off. At least half a million people would still be alive today. & Britain would still be great

  • Quindalene Perry
    Quindalene Perry6 árum síðan

    this was a good movie. look the future I-pad tech.

  • Xander Taylor
    Xander Taylor7 árum síðan

    This is one of the better time travel movies I've seen. Too bad it was on TBS & not in movie theaters.

  • Calypso ASMR
    Calypso ASMR7 árum síðan

    that dude he follows he has a face that is difficult to forget

  • Sandra Wilson

    Sandra Wilson

    8 mánuðum síðan

    A face only a mother will love.

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama7 árum síðan