Understanding 5G

Owning a wireless company is a bit more technical than I imagined. #MintMobile


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    Can someone ad subtitles/whrite this scene please ?

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    I love how the commercial puts these two actors in a green environment. I wonder what would happen to that green environment if you would blast it with 5G. Maybe that will help us understand...

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    This guy is gunny how couldnt see him before.?

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    Ryan, my texts are delayed and sometimes calls to my phone go straight to voicemail. Can you fix that for free?

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    At 10 G humans will just be vaporized.

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    Is nobody gonna mention how the field is just plant pots...... no ok then

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    My Mother Hails you as a god, should I be scared?

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    5G is bad for humans!!!!!they never tested it and it was created by the military for a weapon!

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    I really want to use it. But it's not available in Bangladesh and India.

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    get your cancer cells early boys and girls and let us ryan reynolds advice us on it

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    My Mother Hails you as a god, should I be scared?

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    At 10 G humans will just be vaporized.

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    These are the only good ads in existence

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    Clip is 33 seconds

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    I remember when phones were just covered in other peoples ear sweat and saliva and only gave you the flu. Now most phones have an aged residue of semen on them and cause brain cancer.

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    Show me studies that prove the waves are safe. I did not consent to have this in my neighborhood.

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    5G.surveillance technology.

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    Ambani: " kids these days "

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    5G isn't real people...its just a marketing gimmick. Seriously.

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    5G is a weapon, not much more to say about it. One has to use their head.. when you have to start getting "actors" to push your garbage, you know you're serving up lies

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    Ryan Reynolds: *Understanding 5g* Flat earthers, anti vaxxer and conspiracy theorists: *N O*

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    if you want get cancer fast just buy an apartmant next to a 5g station

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    What I will never understand is why wildly successful actors lower themselves to do things like this when they have more money then they can possibly spend in their lifetimes. Take what you have, do a movie now and then, and dont bother shilling yourself.

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    5G, so powerful, that it can be heard all the way to China.

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    We dont need more radiation already covid 19 is too much ....#ryan#say no to 5g!

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    I have Mint Mobile and it’s actually pretty okay compared to the over-priced at&t service i had. i’m saving like 900 bucks a year! no joke!

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    This showed in my ISsofts recommendations, I am glad it did. Thank you 5G... I think?

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    Rizwam kazim sounds like a freakin magic spell

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    5G is just a surveillance grid. we already give up our private information for free to tech companies. the Gulags are digital.

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    The 5g makes your internet faster so 3 year olds like you can watch more kids nursery rhymes

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    if the yt algorithm brought you here after an SNL sketch, and they need Ryan Reynolds to talk you into something...then you should worry. :-D

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    Let's not forget destroying the human body one day at a time. Bonus, maybe the mind as well. So we can have faster internet. SMH

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    5g isn't hurting you, it's your own stupidity..

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    How about you come out of the closet you disgusting man.

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    *5G or EMF in any form in general is not safe and there is peer-reviewed scientific evidence that proves it :* - bioinitiative.org/ - a website containing a ton of scientific papers (and their summaries) on the dangerous effects of EMF (here are the abstracts covering the scientific literature of peer-reviewed papers: bioinitiative.org/research-summaries/ - Compiled research (90 pages) on general safety issues already existing in terms of electromagnetic field exposure by Dr. Martin Pall : peaceinspace.blogs.com/files/5g-emf-hazards--dr-martin-l.-pall--eu-emf2018-6-11us3.pdf - www.5gappeal.eu -petition signed by innumerable scientists [MD, PhD in related fields] for a moratorium on 5G. The linked website, besides housing the petition, also discusses the chronic lack of research related to the safety of 5G and the problems it poses - www.5gspaceappeal.org/ -another petition this time related to both 5G on Earth and satellite "5G" based in space, signed by a variety of scientists and organizations ; in this case regular individuals can sign as well) Not to mentiom that 5G can be used to ramp up the surveillance state by a thousand fold - but that's another story altogether...

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    Why do we need faster internet while driving or whatever we do while out of the house, cause nothing is faster then fiberoptics for the net. And I mean what can you do practically on 5G that you can't do on 4G or "5G evolution" (which is almost as fast as 5g but at 4G frequencies). Considering no one has tested the effects of this frequency that is used as a weapon by the military(Millimeter ray weapons) What's the rush???. And we are going to put this outside our homes with our kids inside, these towers would need to be everywhere?? Not sure I understand why we need this at all. I'll go with 5G Evolution if I need faster internet than I have while out.

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    @Charming nowhere to hide I agree, he should really do movies or something.

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    Acting is excellent

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    5G is just to make your phone fast

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    Nah 5G is very dangerous they will destroy as one by one and i know who is.. SAY NO TO 5G

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    What the 15$ a month for then 😒😒🙄

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    But where is it? i can't seem to see 5G in my town??

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    The first time I saw Ryan Reynolds on camera without swearing

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    Starlink has a latency of between 15ms to 25ms and will offer speeds of up to a gigabit per second anywhere on the earth for $80 per month. Good Earth-bound broadband gives you latency of about 8ms to 20ms.